Find aunt niece we were both arrested in Wuxi cracked the adult entrance take the test case roxane hayward

Ms. Zhang aunt and niece were both arrested for training in Wuxi cracked adult entrance take the test case 40 year old (of surname) has been a university dream, but fear that they fail, so come shortly after graduating from college and 28 year old niece Li (Surname) training. The final exam that was found, two people by Wuxi Beitang police criminal coercive measures taken on suspicion of the crime of training. Modern Express reporter learned that, since this is the newly revised 2015 amendments to the criminal law promulgated, Wuxi’s first case to defy the law. Zhang usually do a little business, but always wanted to get a college diploma, good for the future to find a way out. Then, she applied for this year’s national adult college entrance examination, and found recently graduated from the University’s niece Mike test. Recently, the national adult college entrance examination started. The first exam, Mike holding Zhang’s identity card and admission ticket into the examination room. The invigilator for identity verification, found very similar to Mike’s appearance and photos, but there are large differences in age, but Mike insisted that she is the candidate himself, the invigilator immediately notified the Xunkao staff and police. In front of the police, Xiao Li eventually admitted that she was the aunt to the exam. According to the Wuxi police in Beitang, People’s Republic of China November 2015 "criminal law amendment (nine)" formally implemented, to crack down on illegal and criminal acts of cheating in the exam, the exam, cheating, cheating and other assistance behavior ranging from detention, heavy penalty, cheating can be sentenced to imprisonment for 7 years. Police remind the majority of candidates, in the legal provisions of the state exam exam, examination cheating has been convicted, please hold the moral bottom line. Modern express ZAKER reporter Zhu Jingrun Nanjing相关的主题文章: