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Arts-and-Entertainment UFC chief of state Dana White lately made it formal- with the finalizing of previous Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey- that women’s mixed martial arts has finally located a spot in the Octagon … at least, in the meantime. White has actually likewise been quick to include that he feels there are enough top quality females’s fights to be produced the following couple of years, however hasn’t laid concrete plans past that. "We’re kind of playing with it and we’ll see how this thing works out," he stated after UFC 154 on Sunday night." I know this. Over the next couple of years, we’ve got fights in the 135-pound division. Good fights." That doesn’t suggest that he’s not serious about the bringing ladies in to the Octagon. He’s really severe. He’s currently stated Ronda Rousey "the first ever women’s UFC champion." But had you asked Dana White a year around ago, he would have informed you that the women’s branches simply weren’t deep enough with talent to have them battling in the UFC. He still believes that to some extent, because the only branch he’s .mitted to today is the females 135-pound bantamweight division. It’s the ladies division utilizing the deepest talent pool to draw from, and also with the greatest superstar at the top. As such, Rousey will certainly be managed the same therapy as other UFC champion. White is anticipating her to debut on a pay-per-view, probably also headlining. "She’s the champ," .mentated White. "Unless there’s a weight division higher than her that the champ would be defending the title, then yeah, she’d be the main event." He still fell short of calling the woman that will certainly be standing across the Octagon from Rousey when she makes her UFC debut, however one title that has quickly rocketed out of favor is Cris Cyborg. Claiming that it does not appear the Cyborg actually wants to fight Rousey, White managed no weight lesson or catchweight concessions to try and make that battle happen, as much promotional potential is it may have affixed to it. "I’m bringing in the 135-pound division. That’s what I’m doing," pointed out White, showing that Cyborg will have to make the 135-pound classroom if she wanted to fight Rousey. That’s not most likely to occur, but for the UFC, Cyborg isn’t the centerpiece, Rousey is. "I think that Ronda has the potential to be a big star," stated White. "She’s already getting media that we’ve never got before and she’s never even set foot in the UFC yet." UFC is counting on Rousey to make a splash. They want her to be the one they can quickly promote to force that door open for women. At the end of day, no.heless, it will take an entire stable of boxers like Miesha Tate, Liz Carmouche, Sarah Kaufman and various others to develop roots in the Octagon that cannot be easily torn up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: