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UnCategorized What are the reasons the Cold War started? The Cold War is the rift that happened with the Soviet Union and America. This war began in the fifties when the World War 2 happened. Towards the end of the Second World War the Soviet Union settled in the eastern part of Germany while the United States and the other Allied countries controlled the western Germany. 1. The answer to the question is because of the alliances among the countries involved. The Cold War was the clear division between the Allied forces (.posed of America, France and Great Britain) and the Axis forces (Germany, Italy and Japan). 2. The second reason is because of the different ideals the two forces believed in different ideals. The Allied Force believes in upholding liberty and they also conformed to the policies of having freedom in doing business or trade. They also believed in the freedom of the people to express their opinions. The Soviet Union followed the .munism doctrines. One of the leaders of the Soviet Union was Stalin who believed that people should not be given the right to choose the leader whom they shall follow. They ruled by force and extended their power to other countries like Hungary and Romania. 3. The third fact is there was no chance for the two forces to meet and talk about attaining peace. The two forces treated the other as a big threat in their lives. The two camps set spies to know the undertakings of the other. There were different kinds of ways that the two forces attacked each other by using films and the radio. 4. Growth of the military power of the two forces was the another cause of cold war. The weapons that the two groups became more as each year passed. The two forces gained more nuclear and hydrogen based weapons that had the capability of destroying a country. 5. Next reason is that both forces wanted to gain more influence to other countries. One of them was Korea, which got divided in the fifties. The Allied force supported the South Korean troops and the Axis force lent their support on the Northern side. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: