For bank loans to the real estate growth rebounded

For bank loans to the real estate growth rebounded this year, the real economic weakness in the background, the bank has added to the mortgage assets preference, reflected in the early mortgage interest rates way down, increase the proportion of credit. Analysts believe the bank financial research center, a loose monetary environment, low loan interest rates will continue, entering the collection of credit, risk prevention to leverage some hot city, or from the rush of Bank opened the market to attract high-quality customers, mortgage policy tends to be stable, to prevent financial risks. Mortgage loans to maintain high growth at home mortgage interest rates have been close to the limit, into 360 the latest statistics show that in August the nation’s first suite loan average interest rate of 4.44%, for the first time to stop nearly two years of decline; the average interest rate of two suites loans was 5.39%, the 9 consecutive month flat. Deposit and pre collection and personal mortgage loans to maintain rapid growth, the proportion of the funds in the development of enterprises in the source is also significantly improved. Continued enthusiasm for sales and bank mortgage support, lower cost financing channels open, so that developers continue to maintain a more relaxed financial situation. Bank financial research center that, seen from the other side also should, when the monetary easing cycle in the past, banks tightened credit policy, the future development of enterprises especially the small and medium-sized enterprise capital chain or face the test. Real estate investment growth picked up by the National Bureau of statistics data show that 1-8 months, the national real estate development investment 64387 yuan, an increase of 5.4% nominal growth rate of percentage points higher than that of 1-7. From the land market and new construction, land development company purchased 1-8 month fell 8.5%, a decline of 0.7 percentage points last month to expand; land transaction price increase of 7.9%, an increase of 0.8 percentage points; the new housing construction area increased by 12.2%, down 1.5 percentage points. 1-8 month housing prices in place funds 91573 yuan, an increase of 14.8%. Among them, the domestic loans 14199 yuan, an increase of 1.7%; the use of foreign capital of 9 billion 700 million yuan, down 52.6%; raised 31983 yuan, an increase of 0.6%; the deposit and advance payment of 25656 yuan, an increase of 29.7%; individual mortgage loans 15395 yuan, up 52.2%. Bank Financial Research Center believes that the real estate development investment improved mainly from the land market, land lavish contributions, housing prices in the area of land transactions stride forward singing militant songs, which fell at the same time, the transaction price has faster growth. In the face of the land auction premium rate rising momentum, the number of hot spots in the center of the city is very different response measures. Shanghai taken to suspend the transfer of methods of tightening supply, and more of the city such as Shenzhen, Xiamen, Suzhou and Hefei are large-scale push to increase supply, hope that through the way to stabilize the price. If pushed to continue, or will support the real estate investment growth stabilized and a slight rebound stage.相关的主题文章: