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Foreign media: 1952 London smog mystery revealed or beneficial China haze rule Reference News Network November 19 news media said the 1952 London Road West, had severe haze weather, resulting in 12 thousand people died of air pollution. The media wrote last 5 days of the London haze event: the thick fog engulfed the car speed, even as pedestrians along the candle; the cinema was forced to close, because the visibility is less than the first few rows; singer because of unexpected throat discomfort to the stage; the dirty haze drill into the room, also drill into London a large number of people’s lungs, heart disease, asthma and bronchial disease due to lack of timely treatment and died. London haze event is regarded as one of the most serious pollution events in European history. According to the Spanish "ABC News" reported on November 17th, though, as everyone knows, resulting in the death of arch-criminal is carbon emissions, but the specific chemical reaction process in 60 years to produce deadly haze is not clear. Now an international research team has opened the mystery of London haze events. Many Chinese cities are now experiencing a similar situation with the haze in London, the only difference is that China has not yet appeared so painful consequences. Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University Professor Zhang Chinese, led from the United States, Israel and Britain and other countries of the international research group in the United States "National Academy of Sciences" published reports that the cause of the specific chemical reaction process of this event. December 5, 1952 when the haze enveloped London, at the beginning of the public did not feel surprised, because they have long been accustomed to heavy fog. However, with the passage of time, the situation has become more serious, London in the next days have been dark as hell. The cold wind forcing people to burn a lot of coal for heating, from factories, cars and household smoke gathered over the city. Coupled with the lack of strong winds, fog and haze for a long time. Visibility was down to 1 meters in many parts of London, traffic was paralyzed, and tens of thousands of people were breathing. December 9th when the haze dissipated, the death toll reached 4000 people, as well as more than 150 thousand people hospitalized. Britain’s latest survey shows that the death toll of nearly 12 thousand people. In addition, there are a large number of livestock deaths. The London haze forced the British government in 1956 introduced the world’s first air pollution control clean air act. Thanks to the experiments and data measured in China, the international research team led by Professor Zhang has found the mystery. Professor Zhang pointed out that the past is known, sulfate is one of the leading arch-criminal haze, and carbon dioxide gas which has acid and other substances in the air, will generate tiny sulfite and sulfate particles. But how to form sulfur dioxide sulfite and sulfate particles is not clear. Research on the international research group showed that another material carbon — nitrogen dioxide gas which provides conditions for the process. Ordinary fog particle diameter of about tens of microns. But the next evaporation process will leave behind the smaller particles, and thus the formation of a haze over the city. Studies have shown that similar situations often occur in china. Although China has been trying to control pollution.相关的主题文章: