Foreign media panda diplomacy is China’s trump card to ease tensions between China and the United St-sweets parade

Foreign media: panda diplomacy is to ease tensions Chinese ace – Sohu military channel information: on August 20, 2016, at the Washington National Zoo, the babe in the nap, eat the birthday cake from the panda mother Mei Xiang ".". Reference News Network reported on August 27th: German media said the panda is very cute – shouldering his homeland’s diplomatic mission, they were sent to the world. For example, now the pandas Beibei must improve strained ties with the United states. At least among the people, this tactic has been successful. According to the German "world news" published in August 22 entitled "if they can save the U.S. – China relationship" article said, was born in the United States a year ago the cub named "babe", in order to emphasize the valuable relationship between the two countries. Two weeks before the opening of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, U.S. – China relations cooled again. Washington has expressed unease over territorial disputes between Beijing and the countries around the South China Sea, resistance to economic reforms and China’s handling of human rights. As China’s panda panda diplomacy article said, in turn, Beijing felt the U.S. intervention in the South China Sea, as well as the United States deployed in South Korea against North Korea, the threat of anti missile missile system. In addition, in 2016, when the United States presidential election year, during the election campaign, the candidate’s remarks against China to make this already fragile bilateral relations worse. Barack, whose term is coming to an end, has little impact on MR Obama. In order to improve the relationship ahead of the G20 summit, black and white, very cute panda has once again been high hopes: panda diplomacy is a trump card in the China. After all, Beijing is committed to seeking new ways to boost the world economy at the G20 summit. This is not possible without the help of washington. The article said, so Beibei’s birthday held very grand. For baby in a giant ice cream cake. China ambassador Cui Tiankai also attended babe’s birthday party. "New York Times" to "the first geopolitical significance of the giant panda birthday party," the title of the report, but also to create a positive atmosphere. Panda diplomacy seems to work. It is not new to make use of a cute panda to engage in diplomacy. China knows how to use it. In 1972, during his historic visit to Beijing by Richard, his wife, Pat, spoke to the then prime minister, the Chinese prime minister, in the name of the panda, mr.. "Madam, I have two present for you," Zhou Enlai said at the end of the party. The National Zoo in Washington soon got the first pair of pandas: Lingling and Xing xing. When tourists come to visit in a continuous line. 42 giant pandas on loan abroad said that since then, the world is talking about panda diplomacy. As of 1982, as a national ceremony, Beijing, a total of 9 countries gave a total of 23 pandas. Since 1982, China has stopped giving gifts to the lending model. Foreign zoos must pay $1 million a year for each pair of pandas from china. Only with a pair of pandas on loan way, a term of 10 years. Giant pandas on loan.相关的主题文章: