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French media: Paris restaurant health poor only 1/3 of outstanding data figure original title: Paris Restaurant restaurant only 1/3 of poor health "excellent" Chinese news network February 17th according to French media reported on February 16th, according to the Paris food hygiene institutions uneven, relevant departments of Paris, Paris area of the restaurants, cafes and bars inspection and management, found that only a few establishments in health can achieve good. Paris has 13600 restaurants, but the global evaluation of Paris’s catering industry has not been improved. The French Ministry of agriculture conducted a series of health management measures in the two city of Paris and Avignon, according to health establishments of two city classified: "good", "acceptable" and "needs to be improved". When the restaurant is listed as "need to be improved", it will be under the supervision of the management department until the bad hygiene situation is thoroughly improved. The issue of Paris is not optimistic: the sampling results of 1500 catering institutions in July 2015 and December checks in only 34% to achieve the "excellent", the proportion is half that of Avignon (Avignon restaurant "excellent" the proportion of 64%). "Teach imperial Avignon is a noble City, but the bigger reason is that the actual situation of Paris catering market. 8% of restaurants are considered "to be improved", and almost one out of every ten restaurants need to improve the health environment, which poses a great threat to our health. The French consumers association has paid close attention to the results of the inspection given by the Ministry of agriculture, and has obtained additional data. Restaurants in the eighteenth District of Paris are in the worst health condition, and 34% of restaurants are listed as "need to be improved"". The eighteenth district is also the weakest zone for the authorities concerned, so it’s not hard to explain the bad results. The seventh district is the best health area, and 60% of the restaurants have "excellent" evaluation. Equally worrying is that the worst environmental sanitation is not Chinese restaurants, nor fast-food restaurants, or even law restaurants, accounting for 51% of the total. Restaurant hygiene classification results for the catering industry in Paris sounded the alarm, enhanced people’s cautious attitude. Lack of transparency, at present, the relevant departments do not force the inspection restaurant in the restaurant posted test results prove that the restaurant can choose whether to publish their own environmental sanitation level. It is reported that 13% of the restaurants, namely 188 restaurants announced their health level to consumers. In other words, 1 out of every 7 restaurants are open to consumers about their environmental health. In fact, restaurants that are rated as "excellent" don’t specifically show off their health. The sanitation of Paris catering industry can not cover up the great progress made by France in food safety. The Consumer Association stresses that, although nearly 150 people die of food poisoning every year in France, this figure is 15000 in 1950. (Han Zhuping) editor in chief: Li Tianyi

法媒:巴黎餐厅卫生情况不佳 仅三分之一达优秀 资料图   原标题:巴黎餐厅卫生情况不佳 仅三分之一餐厅达“优秀”   中国网2月17日讯 据法国媒体2月16日报道,针对巴黎餐饮机构卫生状况参差不齐的情况,巴黎相关部门对巴黎地区的餐厅、咖啡馆和酒吧进行抽查和管理,发现仅少数餐饮机构在卫生方面能够达到优良。   巴黎拥有13600家餐厅,但巴黎餐饮行业在全球的综合评价一直没有得到改善。法国农业部在巴黎和阿维尼翁两个城市进行了一系列卫生管理措施,并根据卫生情况对两个城市的餐饮机构进行分类:“优秀”、“可接受”和“有待改善”。当餐厅被列为“有待改善”后,它将会处于管理部门的监督之下,直到彻底改善不良的卫生情况。   巴黎的问题   此次抽查结果不容乐观:2015年7月和12月的抽查的1500家餐饮机构中,仅有34%的达到“优秀”,比例是阿维尼翁的一半(阿维尼翁的餐厅“优秀”比例达64%)。 “教皇城”阿维尼翁是一座品德高尚的城市,但更大的原因则在于巴黎餐饮市场的实际情况。8%的餐厅被认为“有待改善”,几乎是每十家餐厅就有一家需要改善卫生环境,这对我们的健康产生了极大的威胁。   法国消费者协会密切关注农业部给出的检查结果,并获得了一些补充数据。巴黎第十八区的餐厅卫生情况最糟糕,34%的餐厅被列为“有待改善”。第十八区同时是有关部门管理最薄弱的地带,因此不难解释这一糟糕结果。第七大区是卫生情况最好的地区,60%的餐厅获得了“优秀”的评价。同样令人担忧的是,环境卫生最糟糕的的不是中餐馆,也不是快餐馆,竟然是法餐馆,比重达到51%。餐厅卫生分类结果为巴黎的餐饮行业敲响警钟,增强了人们的审慎态度。   缺乏透明   目前,有关部门不强制受检餐厅在餐厅中张贴检测结果证明,餐厅可自行选择是否公布自己的环境卫生等级。据悉,13%的受检餐厅,即188家餐厅向消费者公布了自己的卫生等级。换而言之,每7家餐厅就有1家向消费者坦诚自己的环境卫生情况。事实上,被列为“优秀”的餐厅不会特意炫耀自己的卫生情况。   巴黎餐饮行业卫生情况不能掩盖法国在食品安全上做出的巨大进步。消费者协会强调,尽管现在法国每年近150人死于食物中毒,但在1950年,这个数字是15000人。(韩珠萍) 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: