Gang falsely claimed to buy health care products can be reimbursed, living alone elderly cheated lig-doat

The gang lied to buy health care products for the elderly living alone for elderly people living alone money cheated light savings aunt July street of a telephone, the other told him the country introduced a new policy, the elderly to buy a certain amount of reimbursement of health care products. The old man so one after another for various reasons remittances, shorn of savings and debt. If someone claiming to be the insurance bureau staff to call you a certain amount of money to buy so-called health products can be reimbursed 85%, you will not be tempted? Hear here, maybe a lot of friends and I feel like the first, the 80% is a liar. But is such a scam, many old people still move. A liar is how it? In July this year, received a phone call in the Shanghai suburb of money aunt alone, each claiming to be " Beijing City Social Security Bureau " staff, he told the old man, the state introduced a new policy, the elderly to buy health care products reach a certain amount can be reimbursed, up to 85%. The money aunt was told that 20 thousand at 85%, "he said you are older, 65 years old can how much reimbursement per cent". A few days later, he received the money aunt ordered " health medicine " and a bid for the material, fill out the table after she will be 2000 yuan in cash payment to the courier. Soon, the other party was called and said to obtain reimbursement, must apply for a " Beijing City Social Security Bureau designated " ", " bank card; card to pay 8000 yuan fee " ", the money will be returned. The old man did it again. So, in the next two months, every few days, there will be different people to call, let the money compensation fees aunt. "Every time it is (send) thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars. My monthly retirement pay 3 Qianduoyi". Soon, the money aunt all savings are sent out, also ask a neighbor to borrow a few million. But she gradually found that the other is a bottomless pit. In persuading the neighbors and family, money aunt finally reported to the police. After receiving the alarm, the police several phone numbers to commit fraud in technical investigation, found that these numbers are virtual, behind the people can not find the number of. But because of all the data sent by the fraud gang and fees on behalf of the logistics company address displayed in Beijing. Along this line, and soon, a building located in the town of Shahe Changping District Beijing City villa into the police’s attention. In August 31st, police arrest. The old man bought a house one hundred and eighty thousand credulous telemarketing medicine (the video only extended) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

团伙谎称买保健品可报销 独居老人被骗光积蓄 独居老人钱阿姨七月份街道一个电话,对方告诉他国家出台了一个新政策,老年人购买保健品达一定数额可报销。老人因此接二连三因各种理由给对方汇款,被骗光积蓄并负债。如果有人自称是社保局的工作人员 给你打电话,号称买一定额度的保健品就能报销85%的钱款,你会不会动心?听到这里,可能很多的朋友都和我第一感觉一样,80%是骗子吧。但就是这样的骗局,不少老年人还是中招了。骗子是怎么得手的呢?今年7月,独居在上海郊区的钱阿姨接到一个电话,对方声称是"北京市社会保障局"工作人员,他告诉老人,国家出台了一个新政策,老年人购买保健品达到一定数额就可以报销,最高能报85%。钱阿姨被告知,2万可以报85%,“他说你年纪大的,65岁以上就可以报销百分之多少”。几天后,钱阿姨收到了自己订购的"保健药"和一堆申办材料,填完表后她将2000元现金货款交给了快递员。很快,对方又打来电话,说要取得报销款,还须办理一张"北京市社会保障局"指定的"银行卡",办卡要交8000元"手续费",这笔钱到时候会返还。老人再次照做了。就这样,在随后的两个月里,每隔几天,就会有不同的人打电话来,让钱阿姨补各种费用。“每次总归是(寄)几千块,几千块。我一个月的退休工资3千多一”。很快,钱阿姨把所有积蓄都寄了出去,还问邻居借了几万元。不过她渐渐发现,对方是个无底洞。在邻居和家人的劝说下,钱阿姨最终报了警。接到报警后,警方对实施诈骗的几个电话号码进行技术侦查,发现这些号码都是网络虚拟的,无法通过号码找到背后的人。但由于诈骗团伙发送的所有资料和代收费的物流公司地址均显示在北京。顺着这条线索,很快,一幢坐落在北京市昌平区沙河镇的别墅进入了警方的视线。8月31号,警方实施抓捕。 老人轻信电话推销 十八万买一屋药 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: