Get Over Yourself! People Dont Care That Much About You So Get Over Yourself!-aizi

Success How many times do you feel that the world is watching every one of you screw-ups and mistakes? Because I was abused as a child I used to believe that everyone saw every one of my mistakes. I have had to realize that I need to say to myself get over yourself because not everyone is watching or cares about my mistakes. I am an avid member of Toastmasters. I love to give speeches and be involved with the club. Yesterday I was giving a speech and I didnt check the PowerPoint presentation before I started my speech. Half way through the speech the whole system started to mess up. I had to wing it. Its a good thing that I had the speech memorized or I would have really messed up. The PowerPoint finally started working like it was supposed to but I felt like I really messed up. Every Toastmasters Club meeting is a contest. We have a contest for best speaker. I won the contest. Even though I felt like I really screwed it up, but I guess my fellow club members didnt feel the same way about my speech. I just needed to say get over yourself. People dont see things the way you do. They really dont see all of your screw-ups. No one is perfect so get over yourself. Do you every feel like that? Do you feel like you live in a fishbowl with everyone watching for every mistake that you make. That is probably caused because you were abused as a child. My dad used to watch my every move when I was around him. Every time I did something that he didnt like he was on my case about it. It could be the smallest thing or nothing at all. Perhaps he was just in a bad mood that day and he wanted to take it out on me. I grew up thinking that everyone was watching my every move and they saw every mistake I made. I spent years trying to get over myself. I did well for myself, but I was never the person the God wanted me to be. If you were abused like I was and you feel the same way, then get over yourself because people arent watching your every move or caring much about the mistake you make unless its a big one that really hurts someone. Those small little things that you think you screw up no one cares about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: