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Relationships The most excruciatingly painful line you could ever receive was just delivered to you from the sweet lips of your girlfriend. lets just be friends That phrase is a blow that knocks the breath from your lungs. It might seem like a wall covered with thorns that you need to get over in order to change her mind about being only friends. Youre probably wondering what possessed your girlfriend to decide friendship was the better course. The answer is confusion. Sometimes human beings are afraid when a relationship is getting too serious; they try to close off those emotions unconsciously. It will make her question why shes staying with you especially if she doesnt have those feelings anymore. She doesnt realize that she still cares about you because shes hiding them behind the thorny wall. The obvious reason let’s just be friends is she knows deep down that she still cares about you. As confused as you are, shes likely to be even more confused. Shes questioning her feelings because shes insecure at the moment. Shes hiding her feelings from herself even if she cant really hide them from you. You can tell by the way she is acting towards you that she still cares. This is why actions are more powerful than words. She may be saying she wants to be lets just be friends but shes acting like she still loves you with the same conviction she did before. Your job, then, is to show her how she feels again. You need to have a plan that wont scare her away and you need to have some patience and understanding in order to help her see where her feelings really lie. About the Author: By: Maria – Whether you live in New York or elsewhere, you may find that there are times when couples therapy could be beneficial. By: Connie H. Deutsch – It is more popular for women to keep their maiden name when they get married. They are getting married later in life, have built up solid careers, and established credit under their maiden name and they want to keep their identi … By: Audrey L. Langley – Cheating is not only done during examinations, because in the adult world, this term is used for individuals who are having an affair with another person. Married cheating is not only used for married people since if you are in an romanti … By: Jacob Schuler – This article throws light on what has made relationship breakups in Melbourne so .mon, how a continuation of dispute can make life miserable for children and also benefits of sex therapy. By: Jacob Schuler – This article gives a detailed description about everything that people need to know about relationship counselling, family dispute and family mediation services. By: Luna – Aside from being an app to find friends, you will also be able to find like-minded people where you could share your interest and point of view. You could also share pictures, videos, and do hobbies together. By: Luis – Existen momentos en los que te es dificl creer que l o ella rompi contigo. Es tan difcil imaginar que la persona con quien .partias mucho amor y a quien adorabas te dijo que era necesario termiinar la relacin. By: Luis – La mayora de las relaciones de pareja pasan por momentos realmente difciles, esto sucede cuando las parejas van ms all de la fase de amor puro en la relacin. Cuando .ienzan los problemas en una relacin, es natural que … By: Luis – Enamorarse de alguien es una experiencia realmente maravillosa. Pero, si la chica que amas tanto no quiere volver contigo, entonces esta se convierte en una experiencia horrible. Pero, si encima ella te rechaz, esta es la peor experienc … By: Luis – Cmo recuperar a la mujer que amas despus que rompio contigo? Esa pregunta se hacen muchos hombres. Te sientes rechazado cuando rompen la relacin. Si la mujer que amas rompi contigo, va a ser bien difcil que pienses con clarida … 相关的主题文章: