GreenTree Inn was the defection of the franchisee referring to the existence of unequal treaties

GreenTree Inn was the defection of the franchisee referring to the existence of unequal treaties by GreenTree Inn franchisees defected recently, the GreenTree Inn franchisees to reflect the Beijing Daily reporter, said the disorderly expansion of the phenomenon in the GreenTree Inn in Lianshui County of Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, resulting in damage to the interests of franchisees. In addition, there are also called the GreenTree Inn on the issue of unequal treaties. But Beijing Business Daily reporter on this confirmation to the GreenTree Inn, GreenTree Inn clearly stated: disorderly expansion is not true." GreenTree Inn franchisees to discuss that yesterday, a Huaian City, Jiangsu province Lianshui County GreenTree Inn franchisee to Beijing Daily reporters reflect, disorderly expansion of the GreenTree Inn in the local, beyond the actual needs, resulting in damage to the interests of the local franchisee. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters after visiting the official website of GreenTree Inn, found that Lianshui currently has a total of 4 GreenTree Inn list, one of which is being prepared. But the franchisee said that the hotel is under construction, in fact, a total of 6 local GreenTree Inn, and these hotels are concentrated in two years 2014-2015. Statistics show that as of 2013, Lianshui urban population of about 350 thousand people. According to the number of franchisees, beyond the actual needs of the hotel, the GreenTree Inn franchisees in the face of competition from other brand hotel case, still need to face the same brand competition, some GreenTree Inn occupancy rate of only about 30%. It is worth noting that a franchisee told the Beijing Daily reporter, the GreenTree Inn in the local expansion, and even appeared in two back-to-back GreenTree Inn built together. According to public data show that as of May 3, 2013, the number of GreenTree Inn hotels reached 1403, including the opening of the hotel, covering more than 300 cities nationwide. GreenTree Inn official data show that in 2016, the total number of GreenTree Inn hotels has more than 2600, including the opening of more than 2000 hotels. Three years, the number of GreenTree Inn opened more than 1000 hotels, a total of more than 1200. But the franchisee to reflect the content, GreenTree Inn and support their rate of expansion is still in doubt whether synchronization. Have joined the business, said: the headquarters to provide us with the right to use the brand, the management is to send staff, the level of management is too general, no matter whether the business is good or bad. Management and interests are not linked, good or bad are joined by the merchant." Lianshui is the "back" of the hotel Mr. Zhang is Lianshui local GreenTree Inn franchisee, is the previously mentioned "back-to-back" hotel of one party, Lianshui is the first batch of GreenTree Inn franchisees. In the view that GreenTree Inn is a big brand, the security of the state of mind, Mr. Zhang chose to join GreenTree Inn. Mr. Zhang’s hotel opened in early 2014, according to the evidence submitted to the court, Mr. Zhang and his partner has joined the hotel, construction and operation of more than 500 yuan invested. According to Mr. Zhang said, the hotel just opened when the operation is good. But in the business after a period of time, Mr. Zhang found that on the opposite side of their hotel, a new相关的主题文章: