Guangzhou provincial police destroyed the new-type drug trafficking gangs in

Guangzhou provincial police destroyed the new-type drug trafficking gang – Beijing, China News Agency, Guangzhou, September 20 (Cheng Jingwei Zhang Weitao) 20, Guangzhou police informed that the city police recently destroyed an interprovincial new-type drug trafficking gangs, drugs seized k powder "," Ecstasy "nearly 12 thousand grams, the suspects Pengmou (male 37 years old, Guangzhou people), 8 people have been arrested in accordance with the law. Review by the police, the suspect Pengmou confessed that he usually love to play that night, nightclubs, bars, KTV and other entertainment consumer groups, some are rich and keen to seek to stimulate young people, so wanted to make a drug for these young people. He will be "k powder" and "ecstasy and other drugs mixed with coffee and milk tea in the sale, evade the police strike in a more subtle way. In order to develop the customer, Pengmou attracted a number of young women who usually walk in the entertainment industry, specifically for their drug trafficking. In the city of Guangzhou in the evening, these women with "very exciting" and "new drug addiction" and other excuses, lured guests to try drugs. Guangzhou police said, the drug gangs from the eastern region to acquire "k powder", "ecstasy and other drugs, shipped to Guangzhou after processing, the home of more in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhaoqing and Hunan distribution. (end)相关的主题文章: