Guizhou will set up 10 billion liquor Bo fund to help the liquor industry development – Food Channel

Guizhou Wine Expo will set up 10 billion fund to help the development of liquor industry — food channel — original title: Guizhou will set up 10 billion Bo wine liquor industry development fund to help the sixth China (Guizhou) International Wine Expo held a press conference in Beijing yesterday. This wine expo will use big data to create sales of alcoholic products, "never ending" digital wine wine Bo Bo; and set up 10 billion funds, construction, investment, mergers and acquisitions boost industrial base liquor supply chain financial services, liquor products asset securitization from 4 aspects of development. Vice governor of Guizhou province Lu Yongzheng introduced at a news conference, this wine expo will be held from September 9th to 12 at the Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center, set up a total of 7 exhibition halls and a pavilion, the total exhibition area will reach 90 thousand square meters. More than 2000 well-known wine brands from China, France, Spain, Italy and other 45 countries will participate in the current wine fair, which domestic exhibitors wine prices from last year’s 680 to an increase of 930. By then, there will be professional buyers more than 20000 people attended the meeting. This wine expo will be held in 2016 to promote the consumption growth and economic development of the World Summit "Wine world leaders summit and the world wine dealer meeting" and "the 2016 annual meeting of the world wine alliance" and "international wine Carnival" and "2016" China good wine "from competition" and other activities. Lu Yongzheng also said that the current wine expo is a major highlight of the depth of cooperation in Tmall international, to achieve online and offline operations, to create the digital wine will never end. The exhibitors, buyers will be through the "digital Wine Expo" wine enterprises exhibitors, offline online sales, to the end of the exhibition, the sponsor will keep the remaining wine for the wine business, and through online "Bo wine mall" long-term transaction. China exhibition Economic Research Association executive vice president Zhu Xiangyin said that the exhibition has already become an important platform for opening up, is the largest and highest degree of national industry, the most profound influence professional wine expo. In 5 years, wine expo exhibition attracted a total of 6818 wine enterprises, including overseas exhibitors wine enterprises 3632, 45 thousand buyers signed 11870 contracts, the wine trade, the total trade volume of 378 billion 400 million yuan; in the wine expo held during the signing of the 1112 projects, the actual landing capital of 369 billion 100 million yuan. (reporter Pei Jiangwen) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: