Guo Jingming now writing to powerful Sohu gradually straightforward Culture Channel

Guo Jingming: now writing to gradually straightforward – Sohu culture channel behind the face of strong doubts and fans outside, Guo Jingming (right) choked and said: "I hope that one day, my love can be a worthy of your pride, rather than an unspeakable secret." "In a" – "after a long period of time not to write, on the one hand, there is no time, on the other hand also feel that time ability is not enough to write a better quality and more imaginative fantasy, thought for a long time. Compared with the "grand track" and "-", the whole world view has huge and complicated a lot. Now again into writing, I think my words will be more mature and more stable mentality will gradually return to the straightforward writing style, the expression of strong." — Guo Jingming "because I don’t love and feel the whole team or relevant to me works is rubbish, it is also very narrow itself so that it may not be my problem here, it is possible that they need to overcome the problem." In the face of criticism, Guo Jingming said. Recently, "the last station grand track" national road to Shanghai. Tired road in Guo Jingming after the video conference emotional near collapse. "Is it because my name is Guo Jingming, so what is wrong? Is not only I die, you will not be called "grand track"?" When the fans shouted "four great", "when we were small you", Guo Jingming choked and said: "I hope that one day, my love can be a worthy of your pride, rather than an unspeakable secret." If it is for the money, I went to shoot "age 5" the Oriental Morning Post: "grand track" novels have a huge world view, in the process of change in the movie, choice and adaptation of the idea is? Guo Jingming: the film has been much smaller than the world view of the novel, we have done a lot of deletion. In the process we simplify the extension of the plot, the fate of the characters as far as possible to choose a place together, the original end everybody to such a plot of eternal Island, this is the most convenient to meet people. Oriental Morning Post: "there are a lot of deliberately selling rot passages and set the grand track", is how to consider? In fact, it can be expected that this will become the audience’s "slot" can be seen as a kind of director to cater to it? Guo Jingming: not deliberately sell rot. In fact, there is no difference between the traditional martial arts master apprentice relationship. But the "grand track" in the king and the apostles, there are a variety of identity setting, and the relationship between the apostles and the king is different from the conventional fourth kinds of feelings, only belongs to them, and other people to distinguish the. Oriental Morning Post: now it seems to dig a big pit, the follow-up to the pit how to fill the idea is how to plan? Guo Jingming: if you have the opportunity to hope that the film can be taken down, but the CG production is particularly troublesome, all aspects of human and material resources need to be devoted to the time. I began to prepare for "small time 3". "Grand track 2" did not enter the production stage, but also the work and market demand behind me..相关的主题文章: