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Hainan Province, Siem Reap province and Kampuchea Province signed the "letter of intent to establish friendly relations" – Beijing, Beijing, August 25 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Qianyi) Hainan provincial governor Liu Cigui and governor of Siem Reap Province, Kampuchea Ken wensong 24 night in Haikou on behalf of the two provincial government signed the "letter of intent to establish friendly relations," (hereinafter referred to as "the letter of intent"). "Letter of intent" of People’s Republic of China, Hainan province and Kingdom of Cambodia in Siem Reap Province, according to the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia joint communiques, to further strengthen and develop the friendly cooperation between the two provinces, mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Cambodian people, through friendly negotiation, the two sides agreed on the establishment of sister province relationship intention. The two sides agreed on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, mutual promotion between the two provincial people’s friendly exchanges and economic and trade exchanges, and actively carry out tourism, agriculture, fisheries, culture, education and other fields of communication and cooperation. Ken wensong said, "in China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, drive around the country has achieved a substantial development, taking Siem Reap Province as an example, in recent years the rapid development of tourism and agriculture, airports and other infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect. The visit to Hainan, witnessed the great success of the development of Hainan special economic zone. I hope the two sides will further seize the "The Belt and Road construction opportunities, strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the medical industry, tourism and other fields, to achieve complementary and mutually beneficial win-win. In September this year, Hainan will organize the medical team to Kampuchea in Kampong Cham province for 200 poor cataract patients free for cataract surgery. It is reported that the "Hainan Kampuchea bright line activities will continue for three years, successively in Kampong Cham, Siem Reap, benefiting thousands of people, and will fund the purchase of medical equipment to local hospital. In the tourism cooperation, the end of July this year, Haikou has opened direct flights to Siem Reap tourism, Phnom Penh’s charter, as of August 21st, Hainan through two routes to Kampuchea transport 5106 tourists. (end)相关的主题文章: