Haining a fancier car door to build cars removed music space didadi

Haining a fancier car door to build cars removed music space a friend once told me that every time he went home, love in the parking lot, sitting in the car to stay for a while. There are countless do not understand the night, he would turn around the door, put the music around the same link, also don’t know this ordinary night and familiar car what magic, a ring to let him not tired. It’s hard to understand, right? Why don’t you just go home now, why do you want to stay in the car? Then more and more people to answer, until someone said: a lot of the time I don’t want to get off, because it is a demarcation point: open the door is your fuel. Father, son, husband, but not yourself. In the car, a person wants to be quiet in the car, smoke a cigarette, this body belongs to oneself. Yes ah! Alone in the car for a little while, you are yourself. Do not listen to the end of the song, feel at this moment without camouflage, no impurity purity. Thought to myself: "there is such a moment, I am nothing, is my own. Fortunately." The 33 year old Jiaxing Haining Fang Kun very enjoy this moment, but he can not stand the low quality audio damaged song wonderful, let him in the only private space to enjoy the music this thing becomes difficult. This makes him hooked on the car audio upgrade, from the player turned into a professional game to win the prize. Buy the car for a week, put the door down interview is very tiring, and because of indulging in the car audio world. Kun exchanges, whether you free when it comes to what topic, he will be brought to the professional field to. In November 2013, a week after Fang Kun bought the car, the big man, went to the garage to the door down, because the car audio effect is poor, even less than the desktop computer stereo feeling, he wants to diy. "The music on the car can’t find the familiar smell." The demolition, he was fascinated by the demolition of the car music. He joined the Internet research, a nationwide car audio fancier group, in which ask how to refit. 1 months later, he took a break again, but the effect is not good. Sitting on the sofa, he thought carefully, still can not remember the whole of 2014, the door is to be demolished more than ten times. "It’s the more than and 10 time." To remember: for example, because the film door always does not do well, three times in a row, Fang Kun is after work, direct drive to Suzhou to refit, back is often at 2 and 3 point. Xiao Bian also asked, the car has a strict regulation of the conversion, but the interior of the car, without affecting the safety of the road, in principle, can be modified. Modification is to change a way of life car audio modification, simply put a set of real audio recording to restore the scene to the driver to show. A set of real sound contains a lot of factors, in addition to the need to have a real high school bass sound performance, but also need to restore a true sense of the scene, that is, we say the sound field. Because the automobile is more sensitive, Xiaobian specially asked the Haining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the relevant person in charge, he replied: car.相关的主题文章: