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Heavy promise! Heavy feeling! Heavy meaning! "-" the team of Yan Youyi ` _26 > > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment wine, with sword horizon, the more clear from the conscience, justice Hao Ran. In Hunan recently hit TV drama "city of fantasy", the watchman (Wang Duoshi), Luna (Lu Zi Zhen ornaments), old star (Xu Keshi), Chao ya (Chen Xinyu ornaments), wind (Zhang Yujian ornaments), Liao splash (Liu Dongqin ornaments), Qin Chu (Huang Deyi ornaments) and other team members will the traditional culture of important spiritual heritage and righteousness, this letter and Nobel performance is in place. Squad for the pear falls (Song Qianshi) off before drinking, because the pear falls reluctant to part, Luna is committed to protecting the castle (William Feng ornaments) the closely, make a lot of friends, said: "these Shengsizhijiao of life and what cannot satisfy?" "Good envy pear falls, there are so many heavy feelings of friends". Picasso and pear drop for the six leaf ice line, not only the harvest of the ice people of all ethnic groups in the heart, but the harvest of all the princes of friendship in perfect sympathy with each other. In the pear falls to North no occasion, all friends have come off, and send the drug, cloak, and other intimate encyclopedia collection equipment, good wine and meat, buzuibugui some enviable friendship. Has always been high cold goddess in the promised promise after the pear falls protection castle will be tightly around the castle, with secret protection group, war King standing firmly in the castle a team called "handsome cool fans want to marry". In the original "-" in the squad is CaSO enters the imaginary snow mountain through the difficulties of the indispensable teammates, obstacles, the demon poison demons plot is the squad can again change danger into safety. TV series "-" the friendship is how it happened, why team members are willing to follow his thin reason, fantasy world view more traditional chivalrous taste. These team members who although most of them are the entertainment of fresh faces, but each of the characters are very distinctive, the emperor of the loyal dog, the moon in high cold and old mysterious star, gentle wind, tide life sincere and brave, Qin and Chu Liao splash all handsome the audience left a very deep impression. Brother fight into the white hot stage, ice king will become brothers contest team battle group, how the game will be played? How to expand the brother deeply attached to each other this battle? More exciting continue to focus on Hunan satellite TV and Tencent video.相关的主题文章: