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Hebei: zhuangshiduanwan capacity to win life transformation initiative – Sohu news [editor’s note] in the iron and steel industry is the first pillar industry of Hebei, had to pay a heavy environmental price, "energy-saving emission reduction" is therefore the next attention, in 2013 the central to hard targets, to seek the Hebei Yajian 60 million tons of steel production capacity in the future 5 year. The environment is the people’s livelihood, index is an order, Hebei is determined to completely change the existing industrial structure, completed production capacity Yajian task?. During the 2015 national NPC and CPPCC, for Hebei to upgrade capacity Yajian, Prime Minister Li Keqiang pointed out that can support some comparative advantages of the industry to go out, out of a new way of industrial transfer and cooperation capacity. The students have a new "out of thin air", Hebei is relying on self-discipline capacity Yajian upgrade, rely on the innovation and transformation. "Zhuangshiduanwan to capacity, so far, Hebei equipment manufacturing industry added value accounted for more than the iron and steel industry, strategic emerging industry has become the new engine of industrial development; pollution days gradually reduced, people gain a sense of increased gradually. China held in the ninth Hebei provincial Congress of Communist Party on the eve of people.com.cn in-depth Hebei, visit the elimination of backward production capacity of Hebei earth, cultivate new energy fresh sample; record Gyeonggi province for the people but also for the beautiful scenery, gold and silver age stories. "Just learned to change when the heart is full of helpless and frustrated. The new work environment, different, starting again at the grassroots level sword ten years to see the future, is a big question mark." The original is Yu Hang River Steel Group Company declared a steel rolling plant of crane workers, in July this year to work for the company’s maintenance company. Then with the help of pre job training and solid skills, Yu Hang only 1 months to work also led to complete a number of technical improvement projects, the cumulative effect of more than 5 yuan, the transformation of non steel industry, Steel City veteran "in the new position to do full of sound and colour. The story of the transformation of a steel worker reflects the transformation of a large province of steel. Analysis of the first half of 2016 in Hebei Province, the national economic situation, the equipment manufacturing value added more than the iron and steel industry for the first time, to become the province’s first industrial pillar industries, to rewrite the "iron boss" a thriving industry history, and in the future of the industry competition, the two gap will continue to widen. The iron and steel industry to produce the "top", that Hebei has fostered a complete kinetic energy in resolving overcapacity, promote the supply side structural reform process, and "vigour, green, new" Hebei economy is no longer at the expense of the environment at the expense of seeking development, the people’s life better vision is slowly unfold. "Fall is to better stand up" figure to resolve the excess capacity of Hebei to focus on the removal of the action of Xingtai city scene. November 2013, Hebei opened a prelude to resolve excess capacity. Tangshan, Handan, Chengde and other places have focused on the removal of 10 blast furnaces, a total of 16 converters, Yajian capacity 4 million 560 thousand tons of iron and steel production capacity of 6 million 800 thousand tons, involving 8 iron and steel enterprises; in February 2014, second times in the centralized operation, Tangshan, Handan, Xingtai and other places to dismantle 16 blast furnaces, 3 converters, Yajian iron production capacity 6 million 710 thousand tons.相关的主题文章: