Hefei Shushan tourism is uncivilized behavior tree hammock swing candy boy

Hefei Shushan tourism is not civilized behavior tree hammock swings according to Hefei online news yesterday, Hefei weather, many people came to Shushan an invigorating autumn climate, foresight, leisure. Reporters on the scene found in the mountain, the army, the majority of people can do civilized travel, but there are a few people appear to harm the flowers and trees, throw rubbish and other uncivilized behavior. At 10 a.m., the reporters came to Shushan, where a group of people were resting, some drank water, and some had snacks. Reporters observed that they stay open, finished, ready to get up and continue climbing the mountain, a young man with a large plastic bag, will drink beverage bottles and scattered on the floor of the snack bags and other debris, all in a bag. "To see the subtle civilization, civilization in behavior between." Zhang Wei, a college student who travels with reporters, says that if everyone is like them, the environment in big Shushan will be more beautiful. However, journalists also found some uncivilized phenomena. Although the Shushan set up a lot of garbage, but a reporter Lu Mountain, at a distance, can find the trash thrown on the roadside or hidden in the grass. In a hillside of the tree leaves, the reporter saw not far away, a family of three under the tree in the play, parents are playing with a child swing hammock hammock, the two ends in two trees, a child lying in a hammock, parents swaying swing. Seeing this, Zhang Wei took out a "civilized persuasion" sign from his backpack and walked over to them. When Zhang Wei was near, they may see the volunteer placards, aware of their uncivilized behavior, they stopped playing, put down the child from the hammock, hammock off, pick up the luggage to go down the hill. Zhang Wei told reporters that such uncivilized behavior, often found in summer, and advised them, so that they can not hurt the trees. "Now this situation is much less, occasionally encountered, a little persuasion, visitors can understand." Zhang Wei said that the tourists play hammock in the mountains, although there is no direct damage to the trees, but the tree flowers were trampled destroyed, many people, is a bare tree. Therefore, he reminded the public that civilized mountaineering does not hurt vegetation.

合肥大蜀山旅游现不文明行为 树上系吊床荡秋千   据合肥在线讯 昨天,合肥天气晴好,秋高气爽,不少市民来到大蜀山登高望远,休闲度假。记者在现场采访发现,在登山大军中,大多数市民能做到文明旅游,但也有少数人出现伤害花草树木、随手扔垃圾等不文明行为。   上午10时,记者来到大蜀山,在山腰一平坦处,只见一群人在休憩,有的喝水,有的吃点心。记者逗留观察发现,他们休憩完毕,准备起身继续登山时,一位小伙子拿出一个大塑料袋,将喝完的饮料瓶子以及散落在地上的零食包装袋等杂物,全部装进袋子里带走了。   “于细微处见文明,文明就在举手投足之间。”跟随记者同行的大学生志愿者张伟说,如果人人都像他们这样,大蜀山上的环境将更加靓丽。   然而,记者也发现了一些不文明现象。尽管大蜀山设置了很多垃圾桶,但记者一路登山,每隔一段距离,都能发现垃圾被丢在路边或藏于路边的草丛中。在半山腰的一处树丛中,记者看到不远处,一家三口在树下嬉戏,父母正与孩子玩吊床荡秋千,吊床的两端系在两棵树上,孩子躺在吊床里,被父母左右摇晃着荡秋千。见到这一情景,张伟从背包里拿出一个“文明劝导”的牌子,向他们走了过去。就在张伟快要靠近时,他们可能是看到了志愿者举牌,意识到自己的行为不文明,便停止了玩耍,将孩子从吊床中放下,解下吊床,拿起行李朝山下走去。   张伟告诉记者,类似这样的不文明行为,以前在夏天经常发现,而且劝阻难,他们认为这样伤害不了树木。“现在这种情况少了很多,偶尔遇到,稍作劝导,游客都能理解。”张伟说,游客在山上玩吊床,虽然对树木没有直接伤害,但树底下的花草被践踏破坏,人多了,树底下就是光秃秃一片。因此,他提醒市民,文明登山莫伤草木。相关的主题文章: