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Henan Suixian urban high school bus Van "deadly intersection" why? – Beijing, xinhuanet.com Beijing September 24th new media news: Henan Suixian urban high school bus van why "deadly intersection"? Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Xiaoshuai Lin Bifeng Wei Shen Chinese network in 22, Henan Suixian, a bus and a minivan collided, killing 2 students died more than 10 students were injured. The story is the junction of high-speed access to high-speed lines, traffic lights have not been installed as one of the main reasons for the accident. Reporters found that across the country many suburban accidents due to lack of traffic lights, traffic signs, marking set unreasonable, become a killer road". How to better protect the safety of vehicles and pedestrians? How to avoid this kind of tragedy happening again? Concerned that, on the one hand, the need to combat illegal driving, on the other hand should increase investment in urban and rural infrastructure construction. Tragedy: the incident did not install traffic lights at 8:53 on September 22nd, Henan, Suixian, a school bus collided with a minivan. Suixian motor vehicle accident school bus for workers, as of 24, when the accident, the accident caused a total of 13 students were injured, including 2 seriously injured children died due to rescue. It is understood that the car was approved by the number of 37 people, the actual manned incident, including 33 people, including a driver, a teacher, a total of 30 students in the school, the number of students, the number of students. The accident occurred at the intersection of Suixian revitalization Road and Taishan Road intersection, the intersection is not installed lights, and is located in the local urban and rural joint. Reporters saw at the scene of the accident, because the vehicle hit the broken glass still scattered on the road. Local people, the revitalization of the highway is connected to the high-speed road, for the North-South Road, Taishan road is the East and West road. The intersection did not enable traffic lights, many vehicles have been more than 60 kilometers per hour speed. "Who is not afraid, I walk all the always on tenterhooks because it has no traffic lights." Suixian citizens Mr. Feng said that this road has been repaired more than a year, is the main highway on the road, the previous day had two traffic accidents. Henan, Suixian, 23, informed that the school bus story is the intersection of high-speed access to high-speed lines, the traffic lights have been installed. Preliminary identification of the accident, both sides of the vehicle are suspected of illegal behavior, the driver has been controlled. The cause of the accident is under investigation. "Why urban bridge" has become the "killer road"? "We should not reflect, obviously can prevent things, why too late in the wake of the tragedy?" Netizen Wei Wei go where the traffic lights where the question, reflecting the many people on the matter of pain and doubts. Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences Professor Hu Guangwei believes that the cause of the accident in addition to the incident did not install traffic lights, but also because the two sides of the driver vigilance is not high enough. "At the crossroads where there are no traffic lights, both sides should slow down and not be able to compete." Reporters found that in recent years, many in the urban high around the "killer" at the junction, because not installed.相关的主题文章: