Henan will build 4100 kindergartens built from 2 to 3 domestic universities antik

Henan will build 4100 kindergartens in Dahe · Building 2 to 3 domestic colleges and universities; client reporter Wang Yingjie River core tip: before the end of this year, the province’s construction and reconstruction of 4100 kindergartens; the secondary occupation school in 2018, reduced to about 400; key construction 2-3 domestic high level university, the characteristics of the backbone of 7-10 university…… October 21st, the Provincial Department of Education issued a comprehensive education reform program in Henan province (hereinafter referred to as the program), not only to determine the direction of the province’s education reform, but also clear from kindergarten to university will be how to develop. Exactly how to change? Look down! Key words: kindergarten construction and reconstruction of 4100 kindergartens can not let the children lose at the starting line, now more and more parents value kindergarten education level! The next few years, my province kindergarten will be how to reform program clearly?, will strive to improve the level of children’s science education. Requirements of preschool education, the kindergarten children follow the growth law and the law of education, science and education, to prevent and correct the tendency of primary school kindergarten. To this end, the province will be based on the level of economic development, and gradually increase the number of public kindergartens in the compilation of teachers, rural collective kindergarten teachers do. Guidance and supervision of private kindergartens in accordance with the law to protect the salaries of teachers. In addition, the province will improve the pre-school public service network. In 2016, three years to ensure the pre-school gross enrollment rate reached about 83%, public kindergartens and private kindergartens inclusive coverage rate reached more than 85%, basically completed covering urban and rural areas, reasonable layout, inclusive and flexible public preschool education public service network. "Before the end of this year, will build and expand 4100 kindergartens, public kindergarten 2100, efforts to achieve urban and rural children nearby park, convenient park." Provincial Education Department official said. Key words: compulsory education out of 100? The future will cancel this performance evaluation of primary and middle school students, exam hundred is a good performance? The future of our province will gradually cancel the performance evaluation methods. Dahe reporter learned from the programme, our province will deepen the reform of curriculum and teaching, improve the quality of education and talents evaluation mechanism, to correct the scores as the main assessment indicators tend to, the phasing out of the stage of compulsory education students score percentile, and reduce the burden of students. In addition, the province will focus on helping poor areas of compulsory education weak schools. Program clear, reasonable layout of rural compulsory education schools, the construction of boarding schools, according to local conditions to retain, run the rural teaching points, to protect the nearest school students. According thrift education and "what is missing, what" "basic, make a short board" principle, focus on improving the basic school conditions, narrowing the gap between schools. By 2018, the basic conditions for all compulsory education schools to meet the requirements of the province’s school standards. For many urban schools a "large amount" problem, the reform will be gradually resolved. Provincial Department of education official told reporters: by 2018, the province’s primary and secondary schools to eliminate large cities相关的主题文章: