Here I Want To Talk About These Shoes Give Me The

Sales Spring Festival to see Jordan and the Bulls dynasty in the review of history, do the driving force behind jordan pro strong is? In the subtle to the classic Air Jordan series shoes, basketball shoes from God for the change to "90 after" prepare the hearts of the trend ICON? The following for details: Name: Air Jordan Retro 1 Product No. :344613-061 Color: Black / Max Orange-White This pair of shoes is now listed in China, a week after the U.S. market. The answer generally easy to identify as follows: first of all, leather shoes, leather quality can be felt touched. Followed by whether the exquisite workmanship of shoes, such as seam stitching, minor areas of treatment. There is the feeling of their feet to try shoes, encapsulated, protective, and cushion the shock of. Air Jordan 10 Retro White/Black-Light Steel Grey-Varsity Red Retro + White/Obsidian-Ice Blue-Varsity Red Black/White White/Linen-University Blue White/Ice Green-Varsity Red (wmns) White/Varsity Red-Light Steel Grey White/Medium Violet-Light Graphite (wmns) Here I want to talk about these jordan .fort max 11 give me the deepest impression. Time in the school play, in a forward movement in the trip after falling jumper, my foot on the defensive player’s feet, the situation is the same as Fu Laoda stepped Uncle, help students dormitory at the time was to go, but time it is the lightest I rolled a foot experience, and is the fastest recovery time, as long as three or four days can continue to play the (nonsense, of course, light Wei fast recovery). This problem also appeared LBJ3, we wear the captain is LBJ3, his shoelaces soon wear off, but he changed the profile is flat (not round) laces it since this happened problem. Here’s what my shoes maintenance.Along with his brilliant achievements made by the Italian shoe masters is to create a pair of shoes, classic color engraved again, do not hesitate any more. ^ _ ^ Absolutely classic. In 1986, the second generation of AIR JORDAN Ca Mau Chau to produce a sudden , location is the famous Italian FASHION sector, by the famous shoe manufacturer BALLY production. Design concept for a simple shoe features. Since the production line change, so the price close to the thousand year. AIR JORDAN 2 became the first on producing high-and low cylinder models with basketball shoes. JORDAN year as [NBA scoring] and [fancy bottling season] championship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: