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Hidden benefits! Microsoft Surface Studio can play VR games – Sohu digital day before Microsoft claims that the machine can run Studio Surface  virtual reality (VR) games, not only that, Microsoft VRDC  also shows the machine 2016; Surface  Studio and HTC  driven by Vive. Microsoft Surface  Studio can play VR games (pictures from the home of IT  );       Microsoft machine Surface  Studio is designed for designers and design, this one computer is the biggest characteristic of the 4500×3000 super high resolution display, and the computer support for touch screen input with adjustable base.         taking into account the mobile graphics machine contains, so Microsoft Corp currently does not say one machine Surface  Studio is the most suitable VR  Ready equipment, but the Microsoft Corp think virtual reality products of the company have the ability to handle lightweight (VR) experience. The following is released by Microsoft Surface  Studio can run VR Games:       "oblique brush strokes"; "music studio"; "dark blue"; "the cafe"; "laboratory" (The  Lab); "space pirates Trainer"; "SculptVR"; "Gnomes  and  Goblins;" Hoops  ";" Paddle  "; VR; Up;!"; "Duo"; "Cloudlands  Minigolf"; "Audioshield"; "Budget  Cuts".         Surface  it is understood that Studio has three versions, i5 +1TB processor +8GB memory +2GB  hard disk; GPU is priced at $2999, if the i7 processor +16GB memory, priced at $3499, the highest version of the i7 processor +32GB memory +2TB hard +4GB   GPU for $4199. Users can book from today, listed in December 15th.相关的主题文章: