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Jewelry-Diamonds “Diamonds” the most precious stone in the world. The pride of ancient civilizations and the hardest natural mineral with extraordinary qualities. Diamonds are ruling the world through centuries with its beauty & brilliance. The understanding of diamonds origin in India where it was first mined as Sanskrit manuscript, the Arthsastra (“Profit Lessons”) by Kautiliya one of the minister of Chandragupta of the empire (322BC-185BC) in northern India. In the Dark Ages, the powers of diamond reached high enough to make people use them as a medical aid. There were those who consume it to cure illnesses but other believed holding a diamond while making the signs of the cross would make that person’s health totally stable. Such belief reached middle ages were myths created as diamond were poisonous so this conclude workers from gulp down and finally smuggling them. Middle ages was more accepted for discovering the famous Kohinoor and the blue Hope diamond and the first record of diamond polishing as was in India in 14th century by the Europeans. The genuine gorgeousness of the diamonds was not fully exposed as maximized.  As in the 16th century was first diamond cutting started. Moreover in all those times, diamonds was worn only by men. It was only in the 19th century that women, start wearing diamonds for many years now, diamonds satisfy man’s passion for luxury, fashion and gem investment. Diamonds also serve many industries.  True awareness of diamonds came from this century to be economically possible for mining are usually found in Earth’s oldest continental state, called cartons. Cartons from the interior of most continents and consist of inactive environmental area more than 2000 years old with solid crust and deep roots extending into the layer under earth. Carton conditions are ideal for diamond formation and preservation. Scientist has determined the ages of some diamonds by dating mineral impurities trapped within the diamonds. This information discloses that most cartonic diamonds are ancient some 3000 years ago. 50% of Loose diamond invented from central and southern Africa, although considerable sources of the mineral has been discovered countries like India, Russia, Brazil and Australia so there are many quarry from kimberlitic and lamproite volcanic pipes, which dig out  diamonds from crystals from deep in the Earth where the high pressure and temperature enables the  formation of the crystals. The mining and distribution of natural diamonds are subjects of frequent controversy such as with concerns over the sale of conflict diamonds by Africa paramilitary groups. There are also allegations that the De Beers Group used it’s wrongly dominance in the industry to control supply and control price via monopolistic practices, although in recent years the .pany’s market share has dropped to below 50%  So today also diamonds are observe with the same admiration and amazement as they were 3000 years ago. Still a diamond is one of the biggest purchases made every day. So it is important to take a time to make a careful decision about the right diamond for you. When you are shopping online for loose diamonds this is small guide which will help you to find your choice of diamond for your diamond jewelry collection. It is simple you just have to keep in mind the 4C’s while you purchase a diamond online and they are Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity About the Author: 相关的主题文章: