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Take the wife hand a lifetime of watching football 77 years old Jiangsu fans do award ceremony sina sports (as WeChat football search public number) 2016 Super League season awards ceremony held in Kunming in November 5th, the most moving fans award in this new award eventually went to an old couple, this is a football and the story of love. As Jiangsu Suning fans, the old couple not only support the team in the home court, it is all for the expedition from Jiangsu Suning cheer, following Jiangsu football, the old couple traveled on both sides of the Changjiang River. Whether it is life, watching the ball, or at the awards ceremony, the grandfather has been holding the hand of the grandmother. The old couple from Nanjing, grandfather named Pei Genzhu, 77 years old, grandmother named Zhu Jianqing. According to the old man, began to love sports, from primary school on 1950s, Nanjing city youth home, is the children’s palace in Nanjing now, then we will go to the children’s home, wear shoes to play. Why do you like football? Grandpa wanted to think, he also felt very strange, and may feel like running a child, playing rubber football has a relationship. Two bricks a pendulum, is a goal. While two or three people, another two or three people, come to attack the past happiness within. Good memories of playing football in the youth, has become a grandfather more than half a century of love. After work and get to know his wife, as a result of the common love of football, the stadium to watch the couple became an important leisure activities. Speaking of football in Jiangsu these years, Grandpa familiar, as early as 1968, grandpa had already begun to see the ball, then look at the Jiangsu team, the League after the occupation, to support the Jiangsu good team. For the development of football in Jiangsu in recent years, the old grandfather certainly made the contribution of Dragan, Dragan took over the Jiangsu sainty club, will be gradually formed, it seems that in the old grandpa, Dragan called the Jiangsu football. 2014 went to Shanghai Shenhua home court grandfather insisted on watching, in fact, there is a deeper meaning, he hoped that the atmosphere in the stadium can alleviate the wife’s Alzheimer’s disease, a little wife awakened sleeping memory. Usually at home watching Jiangsu Suning game, the old man will ride the electric car to the court, with his wife. Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, only grandma grandpa, but others can’t even take care of Grandpa, grandma, Grandpa’s two sons are not even. When watching the scene, tens of thousands of people shouting in the stadium, Grandpa felt that sports is a kind of treatment, hoping to wake up his wife’s memory. Grandfather’s other big wish, is to watch the world cup on the spot, feel the atmosphere of the world cup. 2016 expedition to Ji’nan, a commitment to a lifetime of love, only football and love can not live up to, love and love are precipitated in the years. Super fans watching the game scene friends, I believe that many people have seen the old couple in the scene. When you are old, white hair, hand in hand, I see the ball, this is the most romantic thing you can think of. This is not a lot of people have been looking forward to their own and the other half look like? Weekend go?相关的主题文章: