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Location Apps Make It Easy For Thieves Posted By: Robert Siciliano If you AND rsquo;re using the app Strava for example, your bike could get stolen, says a report on the manchestereveningnews site. Strava, like many other location apps, isn AND rsquo;t the badguy here. Bicyclists in Greater Manchester are being warned that Strava AND rsquo;s tracking could lead thieves to their bikes and even homes. That AND rsquo;s because it AND rsquo;s already happened. One man had two bikes stolen after Strava tracked his ride and led the crooks to his garage. It AND rsquo;s easy to see how this happens. The users simply post their location activities, often to and from their homes and they broadcast this data via the apps and social sites. Why do people have this app in the first place? Cyclists and runners want to share route information and compare times, says the article. The application is a social media venue for cyclists and runners. The aforementioned man had made his bike model and home address public on his smartphone without using privacy settings. The brazen thieves broke into his garage, perhaps overnight, and took only the bikes even though there was other loot present such as valuable tools. Hmmm, it can AND rsquo;t be coincidence.

home burglary How Water Leak Sensors Protect Your Home Posted By: Robert Siciliano Ever wonder how a water leak sensor actually works? Water comes into contact with the sensor. The sensor makes and electrical contact and send a signal. The sensor transmits a signal to a central station of sorts (kind of like how if extreme heat or a needle comes in contact with your skin, your sensory nerves will send a signal to your brain). Once the signal reaches the AND ldquo;brain AND rdquo; of the water leak sensor, an alarm will sound. A more advanced system includes a phone call from a base monitoring center to alert you to the leak. Where might water leaks occur? Appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine are among the many sources of potential leaks. Obviously, a hot water heater can leak. A leak can also emanate from the plumbing of a toilet. Roofs leak all the time. Your neighbor in your apartment/condo may spring a leak. Though a water leak may sound like a minor nuisance, it can actually be very costly if unchecked. A worst case scenario is an untreated leak causing mold to proliferate in the house AND rsquo;s walls and floors. This mold can cause serious health problems.

home safety How To Secure Your Apartment Posted By: Robert Siciliano I love that show, AND ldquo;Forensic Files. AND rdquo; Every so often there AND rsquo;s the case of a person who was found murdered in their apartment due to some forced entry. Which brings me to the topic of apartment security. New Apartment Don AND rsquo;t delay in doing a walk-through of the entire premises, including the laundry room (where a crime can occur after a creep spots a vulnerable-looking woman enter the unlocked room). Take note of any portals through which a burglar could make entry. This includes trees and trellises that lead to a window. Take note of where the lit and dark areas are. Doors and Windows I can AND rsquo;t begin to tell you how many episodes of AND ldquo;Forensic Files AND rdquo; deal with an intruder getting in through an unlocked door or window AND mdash;and this includes during the day when the victim was home. Keep them locked! However, we all know that intruders will use force to break through a locked door or window (though if you AND rsquo;re home, you AND rsquo;ll have time to call 911 and perhaps make an escape through the back of the apartment AND mdash;a plan you should already have in place since Day 1. If you AND rsquo;

home burglary Protect Your Home When Traveling Posted By: Robert Siciliano When you go traveling, I AND rsquo;m sure you make a point to protect the various things you bring with you AND mdash;including your laptop, children, even spouse. But what about something you left behind? Your home? Is AND nbsp;that AND nbsp;being protected too? Before Leaving Don AND rsquo;t wait till the last minute to arrange kenneling for your pet. Tidy up the exterior of your house including mowing the lawn. Overgrown grass, unmoved rubbish and dormant toys/tools make a house look unoccupied. If you plan on traveling long enough for the grass to get overgrown, arrange with a trusted adult to mow your lawn. Don AND rsquo;t leave your car outside. Put your snail mail and any paper delivery on vacation hold. Give spare keys to a trusted adult. This person should also know the AND ldquo;safe AND rdquo; word for your security system should they be in contact with the monitoring center. Hopefully you have a reliable neighbor who will promptly remove any flyers in your door or on the knob. Here AND rsquo;s something you probably never thought of: A burglar casing your street on trash pickup day may notice the one house whose trash cans aren AND rsquo;t at the curb. AND nbsp;Hmmm AND hellip;

home alarms Everything You Need To Know About Door Security Posted By: Robert Siciliano AND ldquo;I don AND rsquo;t need to lock my doors all the time; this neighborhood is very safe. AND rdquo; AND nbsp;And I have some land in the Caribbean I AND rsquo;d like to sell you. Burglars know that every AND ldquo;safe neighborhood AND rdquo; has a certain percentage of fools who think they AND rsquo;re immune to break-ins. And thieves would rather intrude upon a home with lots of nice things AND mdash;and these homes are usually in AND ldquo;nice neighborhoods. AND rdquo; AND nbsp;Hello? Big mistakes: Leaving doors unlocked Keeping doors locked AND mdash;but the lock system sucks I hope you don AND rsquo;t fall into either of the above categories. What you see on TV is true: Locked doors CAN be kicked open. Builders of homes don AND rsquo;t have the future resident AND rsquo;s security in mind. They cut corners whenever possible. You can bet a new home has a crappy door lock. And an old home, for that matter. Any determined thief could get past these doors even when they AND rsquo;re locked. But there AND rsquo;s hope. Lots of it. First of all, keep your doors locked. Even if the lock isn AND rsquo;t too great.

door locks 12 Simple Smart Ways To Secure Your Home Posted By: Robert Siciliano Burglars actually peruse social media to see who AND rsquo;s on vacation. In fact, 69 burglars were interviewed by Edith Cowan University in Australia, and perusing social media kept coming up as a way to find victims. Keep your cyber mouth shut till you return. Here are more tips: Get to know your neighbors. This way they AND rsquo;ll be more inclined to ask a stranger, who AND rsquo;s loitering around your yard, what they AND rsquo;re doing there. Don AND rsquo;t show off. Like anyone else, burglars are attracted to the niftiest house on the block. Keep a low profile, consider how a new outside decoration might attract the wrong kind of attention Apps for your smartphone. There are so many ways you can use your mobile device when away from home to keep tabs on your house. Advertise your home security system. Burglars are repelled by the alarm company signs, decals and stickers on the property. Hide valuables in clever places. Put small jewelry boxes inside an old Starbucks bag. Or stash money inside an empty cereal box in the pantry. Don AND rsquo;t let mail pile up. And put your mail and newspaper delivery on vacation hold when you travel.

home burglar Basics On How To Prepare For A Disaster Posted By: Robert Siciliano Situations that could put your routine or an entire city on hold include: Tornado Hurricane Flood Blizzard Power outage Contagious illness Your house should already be equipped with supplies for staying inside the house for at least a week, but ideally for two weeks. Keep a newer pair of walking footwear stored AND mdash;to be used during a disaster (you may have to do a lot of walking). You never know. Prepare a first aid kit. Have a box just for flashlights, battery operated lights, extra batteries and a battery radio. Put a battery tester in their too. A Sterno Stove will warm food (available where camping supplies are sold). Designate a section of the pantry for emergency foods (canned items, chips/munchies). With this supply keep a manual can opener and a lighter. If your climate includes cold, have thermal underwear, gloves, hats and scarves. Designate a contact person who AND rsquo;s not local. Every family member should have this person AND rsquo;s contact information memorized. Each person needs one gallon of water per day (not all to drink; clean water is needed for brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.). Store in gallon-or-less containers. Don AND rsquo;t store water in milk containers.

disaster Secure Your Home For The Holidays Posted By: Robert Siciliano The holiday season is ramping up. And so are burglars. Even if you don AND rsquo;t get very festive, burglars may still target your home. Your dark, unlit home among all the dazzling festive homes will stick out like a sore thumb. Whether you have 10,000 decorative lights on or none, here AND rsquo;s what to do: Keep all possible entrances (even the second-story window next to the big tree branches) locked at all times with high quality locks in excellent working condition. Put reinforcements on your doors so that they can AND rsquo;t be kicked open. Put security film on windows so that blunt force is less likely to penetrate the glass. Don AND rsquo;t let deliveries accumulate outside or your mailbox. Use automatically timed lighting devices to avoid a dark looking house. Keep blinds/shades and curtains closed at all times. I understand you want open windows to let in the light; you AND rsquo;re not a vampire. But at least when the sun begins setting, close things up so that burglars casing your place can AND rsquo;t see your valuables or you struggling with pushups. If you don AND rsquo;t have a big dog, put a little AND ldquo;evidence AND rdquo;

home alarm 15 Home Safety And Security Tips Posted By: Robert Siciliano There AND rsquo;s always a perfect time to assess your home AND rsquo;s safety and security. Do you employ all of the following practices? Make sure your house AND rsquo;s roofing is fire resistant. If not, get it remodeled. Not only should you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but you should also regularly inspect them for lint and dust buildup. Plus, they should all be integrated, so if one goes off in the kitchen, the ones in the bedrooms and even basement get triggered. If your mailbox isn AND rsquo;t one that locks, get one, so this way you won AND rsquo;t be leaving outgoing mail with sensitive information sitting in an unlocked box. If you need an extension cord for an outside appliance, make sure it AND rsquo;s one that says: AND ldquo;Suitable for Use with Outdoor Appliances. AND rdquo; Never leave any stickie notes on your door saying you AND rsquo;ll be back in a few minutes AND hellip;even if you AND rsquo;re expecting a delivery. Know that if there AND rsquo;s a power outage, the food in your freezer will last for up to 48 hours. Have a backup generator or only stock up on dry/canned goods. When you AND rsquo;

home safety 15 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holiday Season Posted By: Robert Siciliano Most people don AND rsquo;t like that AND ldquo;fall back AND rdquo; time change every November, but you know who does? Burglars. Burglars love to AND ldquo;fall back AND rdquo; because it gives them more time to practice their criminal activities thanks to the earlier veil of darkness. This is also a convenient time for them as the holiday season is upon us and most people have a lot of newly purchased gifts in our homes. Perfect bait for burglars. In general, most homeowners will take precautions around Christmas time to prevent fires due to Christmas lights, yet they do not take extra security measures to prevent home robbery. Though fire prevention is certainly important, your home is far more likely to attract the eyes of a burglar than to go up in flames. So, here are 15 ways that you can keep the burglars away: Keep doors locked at all times. This is true even when you are home, and even when it AND rsquo;s light out. Keep your windows locked, even those on the second floor. Burglars DO have climbing skills. Use door reinforcements and top-flight locks. Keep the curtains and blinds closed.

door locks Floorboards Sanding To Maintain In Addition To Decorate Timber Flooring Surfaces Posted By: ParthaG Timber bottom seems incredibly stunning from just about every individual"s house the way it beautifies the overall structure of your dwelling. However, after using it for some several years as a result of lack of maintenance it could have many common troubles for instance spots in addition to areas over the flooring surfaces as well as lack of develop. This is the time whenever you must explore industry in addition to choose the bottom sanding practice. The experts managing Gulvafh’vling will certainly create a complete completely new go over your current aged in addition to ugly timber bottom. Now you can replace your current aged bottom design with all the latest people devoid of shelling out additional. Picking right timber The experts managing the actual sanding regarding flooring surfaces will probably be ideal to grab the suitable wood floor which wills suite your current need to have. Since opposition among the timber suppliers include elevated out there, it’s going to be ideal to discover the ideal design regarding timber after deciding on an assortment.

Gulvafslibning How To Make Clean Up And Flood Restoration More Effective For Home Safety Posted By: graeme During a flood, water leaves its normal course and washes over land, and may come into contact with farmyards, manure, garbage, overflowing septic systems and other sources of contamination and disease. Flood waters can become heavily contaminated and can make people sick. It is important to remember that floodwaters are usually very dirty and items that have come into contact with flood water should be handled properly. Appropriate cleaning must be done with care to ensure the safety of affected home Considerations in Cleaning After Flood All movable furnishings should be taken outside. Upholstered furniture that has come in contact with water should be left outside to dry completely. Direct sunlight can be a strong disinfectant however, additional cleaning maybe necessary. Thoroughly scrub and clean all surfaces and floors with hot water and detergent as soon as possible after the water has gone down. Clean all woodwork with soap and water. After cleaning surfaces, wash these with a sanitizing solution. The solution can be made by mixing 500g of chlorinated lime in 25 to 40 litres of water (1 pound of chlorinated lime in 6 to10 gallons).

flood 44 Tips To Protecting Your Home From Danger Posted By: Robert Siciliano There are enough tips on how to protect your home to make a professional burglar dizzy. In no particular order, check them out: Get a peephole. If you don AND rsquo;t have a large dog, make it look like you do, but don AND rsquo;t be obvious. A worn, large leash draped over an outdoor chair would be more convincing than a large food bowl near your door. Put a beware of dog sign in the back (front is too obvious a ploy). If there AND rsquo;s not a man in the house, leave out an old pair of men AND rsquo;s work boots or tool box on the front stoop. Keep doors locked at all times. Never leave the garage door open unless you must pass under it. Never leave a ladder outside. Place a real or fake video surveillance camera above the front door where anyone can easily see it. Get a security system that includes motion detecting lights at all entry points. Make sure no shrubs conceal windows. Plant thorny bushes by windows. Stash what valuables you can in a sock inside your child AND rsquo;s bureau (burglars rarely check children AND rsquo;s rooms). For other valuables, store in a fireproof safe.

home alarm Dc Murders As Horrific As It Gets Posted By: Robert Siciliano The latest report says that Darron Dellon Dennis Wint did not act alone in the arson murder of a Washington, D.C., family and their housekeeper. You might wonder how a $4.5 million mansion AND mdash;presumably with top-flight smoke alarms AND mdash;could burn enough to kill the occupants. A cnn.com report says they were held against their will since the day prior to the May 14 fire. Wint is being held without bond. It AND rsquo;s too soon, however, to draw conclusions, as other people are being interviewed by police. Wint was arrested a week after the bodies of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, and their son Philip were discovered. Housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa died later at a hospital. The victims were discovered bound up and injured from blunt force, continues the cnn.com report. Philip, age 10, was apparently stabbed and tortured. Bernardo Alfaro, the housekeeper AND rsquo;s husband, stated that Veralicia did not return home the night of May 13. (It AND rsquo;s fair to wonder why he didn AND rsquo;t pay a visit to the mansion that night, because next morning he finally did.) Alfaro received a text message from someone claiming to be Savopoulos, telling him that his wife, who couldn AND rsquo;

home burglary What Kind Of Home Security System Is Right For Me Posted By: Robert Siciliano Burglars don AND rsquo;t usually depend upon the light of the moon to break into homes; they depend on the daylight AND mdash;because that AND rsquo;s when they know most homes are empty! The kids are in school, the adults are at jobs or shopping AND hellip;duhhh, even a halfwit burglar knows this is an opportune time! Therefore, you should get a home security system that AND rsquo;s designed to repel robbers in both the dead of day, not just night. This includes while you AND rsquo;re home. And when you are home, a burglary turns into a AND ldquo;home Invasion AND rdquo; which often turns deadly. You may be sick in bed. You may be home telecommuting. Or maybe you have a weekday off. Maybe you work a night shift and you AND rsquo;re home during the day. Are your kids home by themselves after school? Is Gramps there by himself? Do you travel frequently? Figure it all out and then investigate which home security system fits your lifestyle. A home security system isn AND rsquo;t just the alarm that shrieks when someone tries to break in. It can be a pendant that Gramps wears in case he falls. It could be remote monitoring of your latchkey kids.

home burglary Home Security Tips For Any New Homeowner Posted By: Jill Cohen Any woman who lives alone needs to focus on home security. Instead of staying afraid, there are simple steps you can take to feel better. Continue reading to learn some excellent home security ideas. Look for ways to make your home seem occupied. You can purchase inexpensive timers that will control different electronics and lights in your home. This makes it appear that someone is home. This is great for keeping a home safer from burglaries. Home security systems offer other triggering features besides having an alarm sound. They can actually be set to chime whenever a monitored door is opened. Parents riding herd on small children will be thankful for this feature which makes it harder for kids to sneak outside without supervision. Make sure to have your home inspection system maintained on at least an annual basis. Get a professional in to check it out. There are quite a few things that can negatively impact the effectiveness of home security equipment. For example, adverse weather conditions or pests such as raccoons can cause problems. If you aren’t paying attention, you may not be aware of these problems. Use your garage for your car, not just storage.

best ip camera Door Hardware Guide: Essential Door Hardware Considerations Posted By: Adonai Hardware

door handles manufacturer Promote Child Home Safety Posted By: Robert Siciliano A recent controversial SuperBowl commercial from a major insurance company depicted a young boy who died as the result of numerous preventable household accidents such as poising and falls. The commercial got lots of traction via social media. Although it was presented tactfully, many people didn AND rsquo;t approve. The truth hurts and sometimes isn AND rsquo;t pretty. However the message was clear; so many child deaths are preventable! AND ldquo;I AND rsquo;m home! AND rdquo; If your child is not reliable at notifying you they AND rsquo;ve arrived home from school, set up a real-time alert system. Home security/automation systems can assist with this. Don AND rsquo;t answer the door. Your kids should be under strict orders never to answer the door no matter what. Role play this with them; pretend you AND rsquo;re a stranger on the outside of the door, begging to use the phone for an emergency. Instruct your child that if someone AND rsquo;s crying help, to NOT open the door and instead dial 9-1-1. Smoke detectors. Have smoke alarms in the house and educate your kids about them. Carbon monoxide detectors. Newer smoke detectors are 2-in-1 carbon and smoke detectors. CO gas is odorless and invisible. Ingestion is painless. That AND rsquo;

home protection Why Install A Home Security System? Posted By: Robert Siciliano Question: No. 1 reason people get a home security system? Answer: Recently burglarized; The majority of the people I hear from who want to install a home security system were recently burglarized. It often takes adversity or even tragedy for us to wake up to the realities of a harsh world. Of course, even for people who AND rsquo;ve never been victims of a robbery, prevention of a burglary or home invasion is a top reason people get home security systems. Home burglary is a very common crime. But deterring burglars isn AND rsquo;t the only reason you may want to consider having a home security system installed. Today AND rsquo;s technology means that a home security system can do so much more than blast a piercing alarm if someone breaks into your house or flash lights if someone creeps up your driveway. Remote monitoring; For example, a home security system that AND rsquo;s part of an application for your smartphone can enable you to observe the exterior and interior of your house remotely. You can see what the dog is doing, for example, while you AND rsquo;re away; does he bark nonstop? You can observe your older kid babysitting the younger one;

home alarm Learning To Trust Your Intuition Posted By: Robert Siciliano The old TV show AND ldquo;Star Trek AND rdquo; has and episode where Spock is telling Kirk of a human flaw called intuition. Spock was all about analysis and logic, while Kirk often relied upon intuition to solve problems. Intuition is a complex human sense that isn AND rsquo;t entirely understood or even believed to be real by some. Some call it mothers intuition or women AND rsquo;s intuition. But I believe everyone has it even though some don AND rsquo;t know how to properly cultivate it for their benefit. Intuition vs. Analysis A Rice University research team wanted to know if intuition was more effective than analysis. The team also set out to discover if the intuitive approach was better if a person had related knowledge of the matters surrounding their choice. For the first study, subjects viewed videos of 13 basketball shots, then rated them in difficulty based on a numerical scale. There were two groups of subjects. One group (analytical) was allowed time AND mdash;prior to the actual viewing AND mdash;to ponder any details to be considered, such as the athlete AND rsquo;s particular stance. The other group was the intuitive group who did not have this time to reflect.

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