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Housing prices liabilities exceeded 4 trillion analysts said the development speed of the four quarter or risk outbreak – Sohu news China real estate industry in the first half of 2016 than the same period in history, semi annual performance from listed enterprises has been announced, 120 enterprises semi annual total in the first half of 2016 operating income was 555 billion 680 million compared to the same period in 2015 404 billion 300 million rose as high as 37.44%. In the scale effect, the profit margins of real estate companies continue to decline, from 9.8% in 2015 to continue to decline to the current period of the current 8.1%, the total profit of the housing prices of the company is still less than 120 of the Construction Bank of China’s 1/3. At the same time, for the "out of stock (land)" of the real estate developers fear at all costs to get high, making its liabilities rising. Analysis of the industry, with the strengthening of the bank’s risk control as well as the tightening of housing prices financing channels, the high price of land will become the biggest risk factors for the survival and development of developers. Rapid expansion of large housing prices, over a hundred billion in the first half of more than four, the scale of the brand’s real estate industry is constantly expanding, the number of housing prices rose hundreds of billions of scale. In the first half of 2016, Vanke sales area of 1409 square meters, an increase of 55.8%, the sales amount of $190 billion 80 million, an increase of 69.9%. In the first half of this year, Vanke sales amount lasted only 118 days that broke through the 100 billion mark, compared with the same period last year to shorten the full length of the past 59 days, reaching a record level. Hengda Group (03333.hk) released August 30th results, the first half of the cumulative contract sales amount to approximately 141 billion 780 million yuan, the cumulative contract sales area of 16 million 605 thousand square meters. In addition, Poly Real estate sales reached 128 billion in the first half of 2016. Longhu real estate (00960.hk) in the first half of 2016 contracted an increase of 78.4% to $38 billion 590 million. Surging news statistics show that 120 semi annual report of the total operating income in the first half of 2016 was 555 billion 680 million compared to the same period in 2015 rose by up to 37.44% in the same period of 404 billion 300 million. Into the second half, housing prices have announced an increase in sales targets. Hengda announced the annual sales target to 300 billion yuan, compared with the original $200 billion, up 50%. Longhu raised its 2016 sales target to 75 billion yuan, an increase of 21%. China announced that the annual target of 37% to $110 billion. In addition, including metro, Biguiyuan, Xu Hui and many other real estate listed companies, but also raised the sales target. Overall, the vast majority of enterprises are able to complete the annual task ahead of schedule. 120 home prices less than half the rate of Construction Bank of China, although the size of the sales and operating income in the first half of the year of 13, but the increase in profit is much lower than revenue, some companies also appeared to lose. The real estate XinDa (600657) the first half of 2016 net profit fell 45%, gross margin fell 12%. Poly Real Estate (00119, HK) in the first half net profit.相关的主题文章: