How Diamonds Are Made-3344111

Reference-and-Education All diamonds are at least 990,000,000 years old, while many diamonds reach up to 3.2 billion years old. Diamonds are formed under the earths surface, under extremely hot conditions of 900-1300*C between 90 and 120 miles underneath the ground. Diamonds are extracted from the earth by volcanic eruptions. Diamonds are made out of carbon just as graphite is, which is carbon when it reaches earths stable surface. To ensure that diamonds do not transform into graphite, they must be transported to the earths surface in a very rapid manner. Diamonds are very rare, as only 20% of all mined diamonds are genuine. Diamonds are also the hardest gem on the MOHS scale. Ironically, graphite, which is also made out of carbon is the softest. This is due to the way the atoms in each material are linked together. Diamonds can be found in many places over the world, including the United States. Diamonds come in different colors, including white, silver, blue, yellow, green, brown and pink. In the traditional white diamond, the one that is most valuable will have a slightly bluish color, where the least valuable will be slightly yellow. However, diamonds that are naturally a shade other than white, such as yellow or green have their own unique attraction, and value. Large pink diamonds are very rare, as well as very popular, which makes them extremely expensive. Before a diamond is cut, it will be in a cubic or octahedral shape. They are dull in color, and only become shinny and beautiful after they are cut. The value of a diamond is decreased when there appears to be yellowing of the stone, as well as cuts, nicks, blemishes or other flaws on the uncut stone. Diamonds are cut in several different ways, all of which will give the diamond a spectacularly different shine, and color. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: