How Jones Act Law Will Affect The Life Of Maritime

Living-Will Every single that .es along our way certainly affects ones life. At a young age I was already aware of what was happening around me, we were a lot of research paper and write up for the school paper. We’ve been traveling in various places and react on what we had find out for the trip. Even out school wall I still didn’t stop to work on my way, traveling been my passion and I am learning several things from it. In every place I’ve been there were different laws and regulation posted by their government. Laws were the things that we should not set aside because your life may lies there. In every industry there were laws that protects the workers. Let us talk about Maritime industry for instance. Maritime Industry came to be one of the most riskiest industry. If you were exposed to the current events you can justify it. Fishing trawler injuries, Dockworker injuries , Tanker or cargo ship injuries , Ferry or water taxi injuries, Barge injuries and Offshore rig injuries, these were just a few among several injuries and accidents under the maritime industry. It was very hard to seek for a job and it was more hard if you were on the job. Being on the maritime industry good for the workers were one of those who earns high .pensation, but at the same time they were situated in a high risk as well. Most maritime workers were spending more hours in work .pared to a regular employee, they were also away for couple of months. In connection with these, those workers lack in medical attention that may lead into health .plications or to a personal injury. In this junction, in the year 1920, Senator Wesley Jones passed the Merchant Merchant Marine Act of 1920 or .monly known as the Jones Act Law. The law was passed in response to needs of the maritime workers, this serves as their protection. Jones act Maritime Law like other law was quite .plicated, but for the workers concern this was there protection. If during at work, while rendering service to a .pany under maritime industry and you met an accident or suffers a personal injury, Jones Act Law will be the answer to it, it was stated to the mention law what were your rights and claims as a part of a maritime industry, the law as well helps avoid negligence for the maritime workers. If you were a part of the said industry or planning to be one, you must act to your feet and know Jones Act Law for your own good. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: