How to appease the injured heart is pounding down a dog after t420s

How to appease the injured heart in a few days by a dog after the crazy plug will usher in Guangzhou, the cold air in a few days, is a double chop hand Festival a few days, but were forced to feed a dog…… so many sad things, it is letinous edodes blue thin! No votes for men and women, cold air can only be a person antifreeze? No You are not a person, you have the most sister ah! The most sister welfare strikes, let the most sister warm your injured heart! Welfare · QQ doll tea cup cooler weather, drink hot water in the way of scanning and pay attention to the "Guangdong’s life" WeChat public number, send the keyword "Dong", at the end of the article comment on, like the top three can be obtained! Deadline: November 10th morning 10:00 welfare two · "looking for the most beautiful single Wang Guangdong contest" of even a single dog, but also to do a single dog out of the ordinary participation: scan and focus on "Guangdong’s life" WeChat keyword "public number, send a single dog", fill out the information (personal life photos, competition etc.) and submit the declaration. Activity time: voting registration: November 5, 2016 –11 8: released November 7, 2016 –11 11 results: November 11, 2016 (singles) reward: first name: Jingdong 500 yuan shopping card second yuan shopping card: 300 Jingdong third: Jingdong 200 yuan shopping card (after the activity sent redemption code immediately! Let you buy buy buy) fourth to ten: Limited Edition (online QQ self bar have been unable to buy! High color value and self bar with more welfare Oh ~) three · for shrimp generous free tasting why grief? The only way to participate in delicacy: scanning and focus on "Guangdong’s life" WeChat keyword "for the public number, send shrimp national" hit the golden egg in the game to win more tasting places, 3000 yuan cash coupon for you to take! Activity time: November 2016 06 – November 21, 2016 10:33 10:33 reward: first prize: prize two Hangxiazhangyi restaurant free tasting places: third-prize Hangxiazhangyi restaurant free tasting places: four prize 100 yuan cash coupon Hangxiazhangyi restaurant: Hangxiazhangyi restaurant 50 yuan cash coupon regardless of whether you are single, regardless of the weather if the cold, sister beside you… "Guangdong’s life" to scan two-dimensional code, to participate in our activities!相关的主题文章: