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Blu-ray Copy – Main Movie just copy the main movie of the original Blu-ray disc to hard disk drive and a blank BD-R/REs, omitting unwanted features like menus, special bonus and trailers, specify the audio tracks and subtitle you prefer. Additionally and powerfully, this mode supports copying blu-ray movie to DVD-9 and shrinking to DVD-5, then you dont have to worry about the expensive blu-ray movies got damaged any more. Main Movie Guide If you don’t want to look at the text guide bellow, please scroll down this page to bottom for video tutorial. Step 1) Start up DVDFab Start up DVDFab, wel.e screen will appear. If you dont want to see it again, check the box "Do not show again", then select Blu-ray Copy option, Start DVDFab. Step 2) Load blu-ray DVD Please select Blu-ray Copy–> Main Movie mode in the left navigation bar, insert your blu-ray disk to the BD-ROM tray. If you choose to burn a blu-ray movie from a file you already have on your hard drive, you need to click folder icon or ISO icon to select the source blu-ray files, remember your files have to be ripped by DVDFab. Now specify the blu-ray disc’s region code, then click OK. This pop-up window is used to remove the ‘RCE – Region Code Enhancement’ on the original DVD, which can be disabled by checking "Do not show again", you still can find the default RCE settings in .mon settings/Protection/Blu-ray . It will open the blu-ray DVD and you just need to wait a while for analyzing the disc. Step 3) Start rip process Then you have to configure target path. Click on the folder icon to select the location of the ripped blu-ray copies. If you want the ripped blu-ray files output as ISO image files, please click on ISO icon to set the target path. Here we select blu-ray burner as the target. You can specify audio tracks and subtitle. This "Default Arrow" can be moved to other audio/subpictures by clicking the left of the checkbox for the item. Clicking on the arrow itself turns the default off. Selecting a default subpicture will force start the subtitles on most players. " Remove HD Audio " to save space for video when .pression is needed. You can enable or disable it accordingly. Title Start/End Settings: Choose chapter range for the highlighted title. To copy just one chapter for a test, set the begin and end chapters with the drop down menu. Please choose " BD50 " or " BD25 " in the lower area, choose BD25, DVDFab will .press the material to make it fit on one BD25 disc; choose BD50, DVDFab will make an integrated blu-ray copy with no quality loss. You can track the .pressing process via the scanning bar, if you don’t need it, click on " Cancel ". You can also burn to any blank DVD Disc (DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL) for BD-9/BD-5 output. Choose " BD5 ", DVDFab will .press the material to make it fit on one BD5/DVD5 disc; choose " BD9 ", DVDFab will .press the material to make it fit on one BD9/DVD-9 disc. Now click the " Next " button to access a page with additional options, including the ability to specify a Volume name for your output. Then begin the ripping process. Step 4) Start burning to BD-R/RE If you have chose blu-ray burner drive as the target, when this ripping process is .pleted just press the Finish button, you will be asked to insert a blank BD-R/RE in the BD-ROM. Choose your prefer burning engine, specify the output media size and write speed in .mon Settings/DVDBlu-ray/Write . Click Ok. Then begin the burning process. DVDFabs default write settings will work just fine for those wanting simple copies. After some time you will get a message that the process has .pleted successfully, press the Finish button, then you should be able to playback the disc using WinDVD 7 EX, PowerDVD 6.6 BD, or your standalone Blu-ray player. Note : If you have chose the option "Automatically shut down the PC when done", our program would shut down auto after burning. For more: Make full Blu-ray disc copy guide How To Pick The Best Hotel Channel Manager? By: Sudhir Singh – An effective channel manager is considered to be an important .ponent of revenue management solutions and plays a significant role in a hotels overall busin … Tags: Macgo Blu-ray Player 2016 Valentine’s Day Promotion By: EdaDorcey – To celebrate Valentines Day with the world, Macgo is holding Valentines Day Sale 2016 right now. 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