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How to treat and how to treat depression beyond and transcend depression such as filial piety master introduction: Recently, only 28 years old young artist Qiao Renliang because of depression Dutch act events, again will depression words into people’s sight, but also to the frequent phenomenon in contemporary society has attracted more and more attention. Some young people in their life full of wit quietly stops at the same time, has been thinking, what is depression? How to cure and even beyond depression? In May this year, the second Yoga summit held in the Diaoyutai State Guest House, such as the master of filial piety has done a wonderful speech on the topic of depression. Here, we again made the speech content and issue, let us together from a Buddhist perspective of depression, embrace life Huacai and solemn. Note: the "depression" mentioned in the article is commonly referred to as depression. "There is a metaphor of the stone Boy Detective Story" "hedongshihou", a yogi, a Zen, he has reached the deep realm, heart with ability, can the corresponding and all material. One day, the Zen meditation in the room, the door after a boy. The boy didn’t know anyone in meditation, accidentally from the window to see one eye, saw a pool of water in the room, crystal clear, motionless. He is very curious, I thought: no heard there was a pool of water. So he picked up a stone and threw it through the window. After that, I felt bored and left. Zen to the time set out, but I feel like the body is not the same as the original, there is a place uncomfortable, very painful, do not know why. Later, he met the boy and asked, "what happened to you today?" The boy said, "when I passed the room, I saw a pool of water." "Then what did you do?"" "I threw a stone into it." The Zen teacher asked the boy to help: second days to go to see the pool of water, and to pick up the stone. The second day, the Zen early on there sat in meditation, water view. The boy and the past, and see the same scene yesterday, but also to see the stones he threw yesterday, took the stone. After the Zen set, I feel good. There will be a different interpretation of the meaning or metaphor in the story. I think this is a case that the truth of life. The heart of the Zen, the determination of what he has entered, is called "materialism."". This is not a materialist? In Buddhism, this is not the pursuit of Zen, it is only a means, through the "set" we can understand the truth of life. And what does the boy portend? He indicates the true spirituality or master of our lives. In fact, in our daily life, the material of our lives – the body is always receiving a lot of things. In other words, our hearts – the "boy", constantly throwing stones into the water of our lives, but we do not have the ability to perceive. We just throw it inside, but we never thought about it. So, you will be uncomfortable, even melancholy. Because you don’t know when it was thrown!相关的主题文章: