Hubei due to fog caused by a number of high-speed temporary closure or traffic control-running man 20130908

Hubei due to fog caused a number of high-speed traffic control or temporary closure of the original title: Hubei fog hit a number of high-speed traffic control or temporary closure of the Wuhan fruit lake, distant buildings covered by fog, Ma Furong photo Beijing, Wuhan in November 4, (Ma Furong) 4 morning, Wuhan Central Meteorological Observatory issued orange signal warning of heavy fog. Affected by fog, Hubei, a number of high-speed temporary closure or the implementation of traffic control. The 4 day at 7:27 in the morning, Wuhan Meteorological Center issued fog orange signal warning signals: at present, Wuhan, Huanggang, Huangshi, Ezhou, Xianning, Suizhou, Xiaogan, Qianjiang, Xiantao has occurred in some areas, local visibility less than 200 meters less than 100 metres in the fog. The building was shrouded in heavy fog Ma Furong photo of Wuhan fruit lake, the building was shrouded in fog in the heavy fog to the traffic inconvenience. The reporter learned from the Hubei high-speed traffic police, the morning, G4 Xiaogan section of Beijing high-speed, Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed section of Yichang to Zhijiang, Huangshi to Wuxue Road, Suiyue speed North 0-107km line, Wuhan to Hong’an, Macheng section of Wuhan Macheng freeway, hangrui highway Xianning section and other sections of the implementation of two-way traffic control or all closed control lines have temporarily closed toll station. As the saying goes, "ten fog nine clear". O’clock in the morning, around the fog gradually dissipated, the relevant sections of the highway to lift traffic control 10. According to reports, due to the recent two cold air into the dormant period, Hubei atmospheric situation is stable, weak wind, and at night the temperature is greatly reduced, many local minimum temperature below 10 DEG C, resulting in ground water vapor condenses to form such a wide range of radiation fog. Meteorological department is expected, 5, most parts of Hubei are still accompanied by autumn sun, and a slight increase in temperature, the temperature will rise to 20 to 23 degrees C. 6, Hubei area will usher in small to moderate rain, other areas will be cloudy to rain. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: