Huimin price flagship Samsung 2016 edition Galaxy on7 evaluation

Huimin price flagship Samsung 2016 version of the Galaxy On7 evaluation of the ultimate performance of the use of September 27th, Samsung officially released the 2016 Galaxy On7 G6100 (parameter quote forum software). As Samsung’s flagship low-end market of a mobile phone, the Samsung On7 inherits the advantages of On series high price at the same time, a comprehensive upgrade in the old section based on On7, the appearance is more delicate, the performance is more practical, in thousand machines is a rare good mobile phone. Although Samsung On7 is not known as the Note series and S series, but belong to the Galaxy family, the family of excellent genes or can be seen on the Samsung On7. The advantages of using the official "four words, fast, good, province" to sum up the Samsung On7, Samsung On7 is really good or exaggeration? Let’s take a look at it. Samsung GALAXY On7 (2016) the main screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixel screen size 5.5 inches network type dual card (can support 4G), CNC 3300mAh battery capacity CPU model 625 RAM Qualcomm snapdragon ROM capacity 3GB capacity 32GB rear camera 13 million pixels front camera 8 million pixel colors black, gold, rose gold unique design simple and clean Samsung although On7 is a relatively low-end Samsung product line in a mobile phone, but in the design, the Samsung On7 is not sloppy, or even close to that in the process the flagship product. Samsung On7 design is very much like Samsung S7, although due to budget problems, there are some subtle deficiencies, but we can still see the shadow of the flagship phone. 2016 Samsung On7 and the old version of the On7, although the same name, but in appearance it is a lot of change, the new version of the Samsung On7 is less expensive, more than a minute fine. Samsung On7 front is very traditional, with a 5.5 inch 2.5D glass screen, the screen is also a perfect space reserved. Body length 151.7mm, width 75mm, the more regrettable is that Samsung On7 did not use the recent popular border design, so the screen is not very large proportion. Used Samsung mobile phone Samsung On7 friends to see the upper part of the design will be more cordial, raised the receiver design, classic Samsung LOGO, everywhere exudes the smell of traditional samsung. Placed on the left side of the front camera, the right side of the light sensor, sensor hidden next to the LED indicator. The screen below and above each other, while the use of the Android phone in the usual three button design, the middle is the oval Home key, the left is the menu button, the right is the return button. However, the Samsung On7 about two buttons without backlight, which allows users to use a little inconvenience at night, but taking into account the low price of Samsung On7, this article can be ignored. The empty top Samsung On7, even the noise.相关的主题文章: