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Human organ transport to be late   the passengers waiting for the show love (Figure) – Jiangxi channel: original title: human organ transport for passengers waiting for the late show love (Figure) in October 4th, more than 100 passengers from Ganzhou to Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines flight CZ3638 and machine to write a great love story. In order to prepare for transport to Guangzhou for human organ donation, it was delayed 55 minutes before take-off, aware of the situation after the passengers do not have any complaints, they wait for hold up the hope of life. The doctor carried transport security organ according to the introduction, scheduled for 4 days at 3:25 in the afternoon off the China Southern Airlines flight CZ3638 is one of the only direct flights from Ganzhou to Guangzhou on the same day, a passenger carrying an application in advance of organ donation on the plane to Guangzhou, save a patient’s life. The same day at noon, the passengers rushed to the South China Customer Service Center for help, said the original plan at 3 pm to the airport has changed, is expected to arrive at the airport an hour late. Taking into account the Guangzhou patient waiting for the human organ to help, after consultation and coordination, China Southern Airlines flight crew notice, ready to wait, and truthfully inform the passengers of the emergency in the broadcast. At 4 p.m. on the same day, the hospital staff to carry the human organ to be transported to the airport arrived at the airport, to be anxiously waiting for the doctor. Ground service staff immediately to lead the work of the airport through the green channel fast security, 4 p.m., 08 minutes, the doctor took the box to donate organs successfully boarding. The flight took off at 4:20 pm on the same day, 55 minutes later than the original plan. 43 minutes later, the flight arrived in Guangzhou. Because of this special waiting for the transfer of human organs to shorten the time, but also for patients with surgery to win valuable time. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: