Huoqiu, Anhui, a cement plant is still not qualified to produce a number of villagers reported inval barcarolle

Anhui Huoqiu cement factory without qualification is still producing the villagers repeatedly – the report is invalid Beijing recently, many villagers in Anhui County of Huoqiu Province town of Madian told us that they live where there is a cement plant, pollution is very serious, has been harmful to their daily life. CCTV reporter rushed to the local investigation. The exhaust gas, in front of the huge chimney emissions with the wind, tens of kilometers over the range. The smell is very unpleasant, let the human eyes sting. Here is located in Siping Village Madian town in Anhui province Lu’an city Huoqiu County Zhongtian new cement factory. Adjacent to the cement plant, there lived ten families. Reporters saw, where the roof, leaves and the kind of dishes, are filled with a thick layer of cement ash. In addition to dust pollution, noise pollution at home is also very serious. At 10 o’clock in the evening, the reporter saw in the production area of the new transit cement plant, there are three machines are running at high speed. The machine under the legislation had a sign that reads "the machine, ban through" the scarlet letter, the roar came from here. In order to give the machine cooling, and high-power electric fan blowing in the next. Straight away from the cement plant in the village of less than 200 meters, the reporter and the village of civilian professional equipment were tested: the highest is 85 dB, the lowest is 63.2 db. October 1, 2008 implementation of the "industrial enterprise environmental noise emission standards," provides that in industrial areas, the standard of noise at night should be less than 55 db. The data here are significantly higher than this value. The report is invalid the villagers spontaneously installed monitoring is in such an environment, the local villagers living for decades. In order to change their living environment, the villagers also tried every means to report, but has not changed. In desperation, everyone chipped in with a monitor, shooting the emissions of cement plant. However, according to the villagers said, holding video evidence to report, has not been dealt with. Reporters call the hotline 12369 environmental protection, Huoqiu County Environmental Protection Bureau staff said that the need to report and relevant leaders, and then give back. Ten minutes later, the staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau returned to the phone. Huoqiu County Environmental Protection Bureau staff responded that the leadership requirements to write a written complaint. Local villagers said they also reported many times. In order to get the Environmental Protection Bureau requested evidence, the villagers in 2015 March, spontaneously installed a monitor. At this moment the video, they took pictures. The smoke on the upper left corner is the chimney of the new transit cement plant. A huge smoke sometimes black, sometimes white. With the wind, the smoke drifting around with wind. This reporter interviewed in the scene, see the same situation. Nearby villagers Meng Zhaoguo: monitoring equipment made a lot of smoke proof, take the evidence to the Land Bureau of Huoqiu county government, Lu’an City Environmental Protection Bureau, to petition office, Lu’an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, to many times, are not used. No production qualification on the list to take out the evidence of more than a year, the cement plant is still in production. Where exactly is the problem? Along with the investigation相关的主题文章: