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The couple in illegal fishing in the park down management caused the injuries and deaths – Sohu news Liu couple conflict in fishing in the park and administrator, ready to drive away, seeing a Hemou Bazhu door keeper, Liu broke each other’s hands to the head and seriously injured and killed a few days later. Beijing Morning Post reporter was informed yesterday, Liu couple due to intentional assault, was sentenced to 14 years in the city court of First Instance sentenced to two years and 11 years. The couple had a criminal record of the court’s investigation, July 30, 2014 at 7 pm, Liu, Zhou couple two people in a park in Chaoyang District, and for Mou (male, who died 43 years old) and others dispute. In two, the defendant Zhou driving left the scene in the process, Liu will be forced to pull the hand brake Hemou, Hemou fell caused by head injury, he died on August 7th of the same year of death. According to the reporter, the couple is notorious. The 34 year old Liu in 2002 found guilty of intentional assault jailed for 14 years, at the beginning of 2010 on parole, and due to assault in 2013 by the public security organs in administrative detention for 5 days. The 29 year old wife Zhou was due to the crime of intentional destruction of property in January 2014 was sentenced to 3 months detention. Fishing in the park to exhort the victim Wang colleagues testified that the incident that night 7 o’clock, they found a man is fishing in the park patrol, Wang came to the park to remind each other to prohibit fishing, then turn to him to patrol. He did not expect to come back again, found the man not only did not leave, and even harpoon fish. "I just looked at him and he began to curse." Wang said, because the other hand harpoon, he quickly found a pipe for self-defense, called a colleague Hemou over. With the escalation of the two sides dispute, the situation becomes increasingly chaotic, Hemou reported to the police, and to stop the man driving away. "They were forced to leave driving wounding beside door pushing, the man let his wife drive, my colleague has been hand pulled the door, don’t let them go." Wang said that in the process of moving slowly in the car, the man went to the car from the window to the drill, Hemou has been pulling the cab door and car frame forward, after the man completely into the car, the car instantly accelerated. "I saw a hand out of the car, my colleagues from the hand of the car frame apart." Wang recalled that he was immediately thrown out, the ground fell to the ground, the car drove straight away. Soon after, police and emergency personnel rushed to the scene, Hemou was sent to hospital rescue. A few days later, Hemou died due to injury. Judicial appraisal, Hemou death Department fell bump head caused by traumatic brain injury. Husband and wife were sentenced to court of intentional injury, Liu and his wife two people did not raise objections to the facts of the case. Two people’s counsel that the two defendants should constitute the crime of negligence causing death, in addition to the victim has great responsibility in the cause of the case, and therefore requested the court to be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. Court that, Liu knows when the vehicle is running, the hand has been grilled door, the break the victim’s hand will occur the victim injury results, still forced implementation of the dangerous behavior, let Yu相关的主题文章: