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Hardware This is much in need to password protect your accounts that you use on the net. Moreover, if you are having email accounts, try to protect with a strong password and yet easy to remember. The online .puter service will help you with the ways to choose a strong password to save your account. Surfing the . regularly and to different sites might lead certain eavesdroppers or unauthorized third party users to track your account details along with the password. They will get hold of your important data and information like the payment details that you have transacted with any of the online pc tech support websites. If your password is strong enough, it would be hard for anyone to guess it. But there are certain new ways and tech support known to the hackers that help them to crack the toughest passwords even. So, try to prevent password loss initially during the Email Registration. 1. Create an email account after Signing in with Yahoo from its home page. Click on the "Sign in" button to get started. 2. Type in the name and other information to fill the registration process. Choose an ID that is easily recognized by your acquaintances by identifying the name. 3. Select a 6 character long password. Make sure to incorporate both the numeric and alphanumeric characters. 4. Choose the security question and the answer that best stays in your memory with the lapse of time. This step ensures that you remember your password in future. Note it down in a safe place. 5. Fill up your birthday, postal code and other required details. 6. Click on "I Agree" option after going through the License Agreement. There are certain steps that you need to keep in mind, if you want to recover the password you have f.otten: 1. Click on the options that read "F.ot Your ID Or Password?" or "I can"t access my account" on the Yahoo mail page. This option will appear below the "sign in" area. Feed in by typing the ID or the presumed ID that you think to be the username in the designated box. 2. If you had filled up the registration and have mentioned you credit card number then you can retrieve your Yahoo password with the help of the credit card number which might have been used before with Yahoo. You will be asked to enter the credit card related information to recover the password. However, it is not mandatory that there are other options that will help you to revive the password. 3. Yahoo will ask you to fill up information on your birth date, postal code and other details that were used during the registration process. You will have two options to choose, either you get a new password by using your ID or you may enter an alternate email address. Yahoo password recovery management will send you all the recovery details to your alternate mail to reset your password. 4. For further support and assistance, you may refer to Yahoo"s Help page. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: