If I died in the Alipay and WeChat money how to do icesword

If I died in the Alipay and WeChat money how to do [Abstract] professionals believe that this problem there are two cases, one is Alipay or WeChat account holder died suddenly, aware of the family capital account, how to do… "I Alipay more than 70 thousand, WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I one day a sudden death, the money will be how to deal with (my family does not know the money)?" Recently, such a look a bit "alarmist", attracted a large number of onlookers. A few people called "xinyouqiqi Yan," said sympathetically. Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that young people today are basically Alipay, the balance of treasure, WeChat change, money paid through such account, through their wealth warehouse. However, the existence of this form of money, it is likely to be forgotten by the owner and forever forgotten. In this regard, the lawyer thinks, with the diversification of Chinese saving money, must abandon the old taboo "testamentary" concept, through a variety of ways for these early wealth "password", to avoid unnecessary losses. A big hole in the brain of the problem, if I did not, the family know how to have the money? "I have the Alipay more than 70 thousand, WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I accidentally died, my family does not know the money, the money will be how to deal with? What is the final destination?" Recently, netizens have thrown such a doubt, immediately attracted a large number of thread. "Oh, I didn’t really think about it!" A netizen message said. "Most people don’t tell their families when they’re alive because they don’t believe they’re going to have an accident." Netizen "night too black" say. "Do you think you put into your bank account, you accidentally died they will tell you the family have the money? Too naive!" Netizen "fish and bear’s paw". Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of young people in Nanjing, we are almost a mobile phone to go around the world, which has a variety of payment applications, there are more and less deposits. In the West CBD work Mr. Wang told reporters that he was alone in Nanjing work, because of the high interest in Alipay, he saved more than 50 thousand yuan, while the Chinese are taboo to talk about death, but as friends said, if you really suffered misfortune, the money is really no one knows, including their parents. "Honestly, I bind is a mobile phone, associated with a bank card, I’m not in, even if Alipay really can kindly inform you, my mobile phone is turned off, is no answer, that this notice has meaning?" Mr. Wang said, this is really a problem, how to know the family money on my Alipay? Work in Xinjiekou Liu told reporters that the rich own Alipay, wife know, but do not know the password. In addition, their WeChat wallet often have a few thousand dollars, but there is no associated bank card, because the red envelopes often change, did not put it as money. "Although the taboo of death, but if it did not, WeChat red this sum of money is certainly no, no one took it seriously, don’t take out." Xiao Liu said. Reporters learned that the young people interviewed, there are basically lying in the network of wealth, and a considerable.相关的主题文章: