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If the blowout: golden pheasant and Phoenix A shares in October 10th, the State Council issued the "guidance" on the market bank debt into equity, debt plan marks the official landing, supporting measures of debt in the study, in the process of making wildly beating gongs and drums. This is the two line you a detailed interpretation of debt to equity investment and related stocks. Source: what is the stock million in debt to equity swap debt is the debt to equity is the original debts between banks and enterprises, into the relationship between enterprises and institutions to implement shareholding and shares. Through the implementation of debt to equity swap, can reduce leverage, to improve the enterprise sustainable development ability "to. The significance of the debt in the current situation of qualified enterprises to carry out market debt, is an important point of steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, anti risk, can effectively reduce leverage, enhance capital strength, to prevent the risk of corporate debt; help enterprises to reduce cost, enhance competitiveness, survival of the fittest; to promote corporate equity diversification, promote enterprise restructuring, improve the modern enterprise system; to accelerate the construction of multi-level capital market, improve the proportion of direct financing, optimize the financing structure. A main line: A shares of Phoenix Nirvana soon in the "guidance", has explicitly put forward the applicable requirements: enterprises should have good development prospects, development plan and feasible; comply with the direction of industrial development and competitiveness in the market, environmental protection and safety standards; the state of good credit. To encourage good prospects but temporary difficulties of the enterprise debt, including: the cyclical impact of the industry but is expected to reverse the growth type enterprise; high debt, especially the growth type enterprise strategic emerging industries; key enterprises overcapacity in the industry and the relationship between the national strategic enterprises. This shows that, with the implementation of the swap scheme A shares of listed companies, with all parties involved in the development potential of common values, is expected in the implementation of debt to equity, to stimulate the vitality of enterprises, the reform dividend release obviously. Has implemented the debt stock of the current point of view, the first implementation of debt of listed companies, will be mainly concentrated in the industry a higher debt ratio, stocks, coal, iron and steel, the whole industry may have great application infrastructure. 2016 disclosure in listed companies debt list A shares higher debt ratio of stock line two: find laid the golden egg in the "guidance", clearly pointed out that through the implementation of institutions to carry out market debt, banks do not directly into, but the first transfer of bonds to the implementing agencies. The implementation of equity and ownership management mechanism. Through the implementation of institutions, can avoid the risk of bank shares caused by agglomeration and self-sustaining capital consumption is too large, it is expected that the form will become the mainstream model of bank debt. And combined with the history of the case, AMC (special treatment of non-performing assets of financial institutions in the financial Asset Management Co) deep in the non-performing assets debt for many years, has inherent advantages, the expected future will continue peatlands. From the perspective of A stock investment opportunities, with debt continues to advance, to the concept of AMC A shares of listed companies will usher in a giant;相关的主题文章: