If there were no telephones, movies or cats in the world…… e2140

If there were no telephones, movies or cats in the world…… This article from the "play movie" public number (id:wan2movie) of the film have not take heart trough point each, and the heart of the film are a common: when you say I understand those arguments but truth, a movie, I would especially like to accept, also moved to wish to send their lacrimal gland. There may be a lot of people have seen the "if the cat disappears from the world" is such a movie recently, with a fantastic story to tell you the truth of life, let you see all have around, then these people and things to be grateful. This movie of the same name, the original novel is particularly worth to say, it is a 2014 Japanese super best-selling book, the author is ever made "Confessions", "parasitic" beast of these films Dongbao ace producer Kawamura Yuanke. Recently you may often see his name, because the new work called the phenomenon "" your name "is made by him as, and next month will be released in the mainland. That is to say, "if the cat disappeared from the world" and "your name" as well as relatives when the novel was published, the Japanese entertainment industry have a large coffee are also forwarded praise special support, "the ring" on behalf of Miki Nakatani said: "after reading, will have the urge to want to meet the his most important person". "Despise pine nuts" Miki Nakatani wrote "the eighth day of the cicada" writer Tsunodo Hikaruyo said "seemingly novel, is a philosophical book. Why are we excited when we go to the movies? Why do we cry when we see the picture? The answer is in this book." Then according to the "philosophy of the book" the movie, actually raised such a question, but the psychological test asked that: for one thing in the world to exchange their own lives, you change? But Sato Takeru play the male lead a bit miserable, just a good quiet time, soon suddenly was diagnosed with a brain tumor, back home by a demon and grow as like as two peas only one day that can live. If you want to change the conditions of life extension, you can only choose to let the world a kind of thing to disappear, and each disappeared only one day longer. Sato Takeru played two roles, stiff adorable & evil ruffian handsome, many sisters can foot addiction you think he would choose not to allow yourself to love things disappear right, yes, the actor began to think so, he suggested that the Holland Qin to disappear from this world. But the devil did not think so and he play, to make what things disappear for a destiny, is decided by the devil. The first condition of the devil is to make the phone disappear from the world, including fixed telephone, public telephone, including your 7 hours by 24 hours of mobile phone. But the situation is more serious than he thought, let the phone disappear, not only is henceforth cannot call WeChat play, but once all memory and telephone related, are not going to happen. That is to say, the original phone chat and friends to do from the life removed, because by telephone to acquaintances, which disappeared from the phone.相关的主题文章: