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If this is the 2076 car, would you take it? Lead: Apple repairer has said, but in the end will make what is still in speculation, designers use the brush to tell us it in 2076. (source: metropolis Author: Jig) the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! Why in 2076? Because in 2076, Apple Corp will celebrate its 100th birthday. Now it seems to be very far away, in the end to the apple will not exist is a problem. But assuming that day, Apple has become a car manufacturer for many years, then it does not know the X generation of the car will be how? Is it possible to attract everyone’s attention just like the iPhone? Ali designer from Turkey Cam in accordance with Apple’s minimalist design concept is expected to be sharp in 2016, the side like a sharp wedge, the appearance of the whole look like a magnified mouse. The details of the same design to bring a sense of the future, such as the door open, the upper part of the European style similar to the lower part of the reverse with the same Rolls-Royce Wraith. Open is not through the door handle, but simply touch the door, the system will automatically determine whether the owner, and then automatically open. At that time, we do not have to personally opened the car, so the design of the concept car in the car after the layout of the sofa for the rest, and in the middle, is the holographic imaging system for a viewing or use all kinds of application, the roof is also a digital display screen. Most importantly, this concept car is not tire, technology that maglev train with similar we now know Shanghai, acceleration, deceleration and steering can of course, certainly need special road.相关的主题文章: