In a newly promoted or face the transfer notice issued in Baoding – chairman for sports Sohu kairui

In a newly promoted or face the transfer notice issued to stay in Baoding – chairman of Sohu   sports; Beijing time November 14th morning, a new army in the Baoding Rongda football club chairman Meng Yongqiang issued a statement, said the team to go in a Baoding city does not conform to the sports field requirements, leading the team to continue to develop in Baoding, faced with the transfer the situation, and urged the local forces can take over the team. Meng Yongqiang’s announcement is as follows: report and explanation about the development of emergency operation Rongda soccer club in the description of the municipal Party committee and municipal government: Baoding Rongda football club into the Chinese Football Association League, and Baoding football association with no requirements of the field of home court. Ma Yufeng mayor had held a special coordination meeting, the proposed renovation and expansion of people’s Stadium, due to objective reasons, the scheme is denied. After Yan Liying vice mayor Guo Jianying on behalf of mayor held a special coordination meeting, the meeting clearly the new stadium by Hebei University, Rongda company loaning, the project of government payment for investment or repurchase form, by the Hebei University as the main project, development and Reform Commission for approval to the provincial and municipal government to coordinate relevant departments to handle the relevant as soon as possible to approach procedures, the completion of the project, to meet the time requirements of the start of the league. After the meeting, the company and Hebei University, the government departments to carry out a number of communication, the construction program has been adjusted for many times. Today, I was informed that the main content of the meeting will change again. Rongda company according to the main content of the two coordination meetings, had developed a development plan for the team, especially according to the main content of the second coordination meetings, Rongda company has done a lot of preparatory work, invest a lot of manpower and the corresponding. However, the main content of the meeting will be re adjusted, which makes the company has no time to make a reasonable plan for the development of the team. In desperation, only the transfer of the team, so that the team continued life. At present, with the intention to take over the business are foreign enterprises, and then transfer the team name only. The key period at a time when the team signings and team building, Time will not wait for me. Under the emergency, the emergency plan started to urge the government, Rongda company has come up with the greatest sincerity to find ways to put the team in Baoding, put forward relevant suggestions: 1 leaders of the municipal government to direct attention, the government directly or indirectly funding for the team (the government or state-owned shares directly funded enterprise shares, sponsorship, etc.) Rongda football team was renamed the Baoding football team, which is consistent with the "reform program" to the spirit of enterprise. 2 government to help local enterprises to take over or sponsor the team. 3 all other reasonable options available. No matter what the outcome, Baoding Rong Group will continue to contribute to the football industry in Baoding to contribute. We are still full of confidence in the development of Baoding’s sports industry, regardless of the transfer of the team or the transfer of land to local enterprises, are helpless, hope to understand the municipal government. Background information: Baoding Rong Group Chairman Meng Yongqiang   Meng Yongqiang, chairman of Baoding city group, in 1994 graduated from the Hebei School of justice, engaged in justice相关的主题文章: