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Super Preview: Hong Kong Doo Sike Yongchang Yatai Hengda Jinglu continued life showdown on Hong Kong could continue strong Hengda against sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 23rd to 25, the 2016 season of Super League twenty-sixth round competition will be reported, the league has entered the final sprint of 5 round, round after the turn for the national tournament and intermittent, soccer teams therefore in the current round of all. Lead the standings Hengda away against Hong Kong, Hengda can continue the last stage of strong concern; Guoan home court against Luneng, two teams score requirements; relegation battle group, Yongchang Yatai and will launch the extremely brutal duel. Hebei Huaxia Chongqing Lifan vs game time: Friday September 23rd 19:35 Venue: Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center: weather showers cloudy 20 degrees southwest 3-4 referee: Fu Ming (Nanjing) TV: Hebei City, Chongqing life prediction results, Gansu satellite TV: Lifan Guoan rankings with unbeaten, 5 over the Hebei China has dropped to sixth in the table, with Shenhua, the port opened to the poor 7 season, under the impact of AFC Champions League qualification line has little hope, Pellegrini has coached the first win as soon as possible is a more realistic goal, especially after hit "beautiful half ball" in the last round of the Yanbian team. Gurum, Jin Yangyang and Haifeng Ding et al. This will be suspended, Hebei China defense needs overall restructuring, and still gervinho’s suspension, the war in Hebei the Chinese team depth form in-depth test. Hebei, China’s first 13 home games, 5 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses. This season, the first round of the contest, Dong Xuesheng after 3 minutes for Hebei China Hebei China in the final goal, 3-1 away victory over lifan. Lifan nearly 2 round 1 wins and 1 points to 31 points have come ashore earlier. In the last round of the 0-2 down road tied Shenhua, fully embodies the strength and status of Lifan stage. Although the Lifan 3 wins 4 flat 6 negative record on the road is not ideal, the road lost 27 ball or super most, but serious to the downsizing of Hebei Huaxia Lifan grab points is still great difficulty. Liaoning Hongyun vs Yanbian flight game time: Saturday September 24th 16:00 Venue: Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Weather: cloudy 23 degrees southwest 3-4 referee: HP (Beijing): Liaoning, Yanbian TV, Gansu TV sports comprehensive prediction results: Liao foot and the Yanbian team were unbeaten Liaozu is just to eat defeat on the distant foot in round 2-6 away defeat to Yanbian team in the game Hengda, week 0-3 away defeat to national security, both sides in this event have to rebound in demand. Coincidentally the two sides contest the first leg of the season played a big score, Steve scored two to Yanbian team 4-1 win Liaozu home court. Liaozu the current plot 29 points out twelfth in the table, the theory still need to get 1 wins to avoid relegation Liaozu round ashore, grab points very clear goal. 12 before 5 wins 4 flat 3 distant home court negative. Yanbian team in the last round of home 3-2 reversal Hebei Huaxia, integral promotion相关的主题文章: