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In the case of male shot missiles and 2 suspects have been prosecuted Taiwan Navy warships in July 1st to implement a Jin Jiang morning drill mistakenly shot the male three missiles, causing captain killed huang. The picture shows the phenomenon of penetrating damage in Kaohsiung Xiang Li Sheng fishing vessel. (Taiwan "Central News Agency" file photo) original title: Taiwan mistakenly shot the male three missile case prosecutors indicted 3 people (Figure) according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that in July 1st, Taiwan navy ship Jin Jiang mistakenly shot "male three" missile hit fishing boats caused 1 dead 3 injured, the Kaohsiung prosecutor’s office will be closed today, button the missile launch Sergeant Jiajun manslaughter, according to high business business negligence criminal negligence and sea military air weapons destroyed accusations of the prosecution, fire control and weapons sergeant Chen Mingxiu Xu Bo sued for long by neglecting the duty crime suspect, the prosecution is expected at 10 in the morning held a press conference to explain. Further reading: Taiwan mistakenly shot missiles to find out the truth: a series of mistakes lead to major accidents according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that Jin Jiang mistakenly shot three male ship missile incident, by the Taiwan Navy investigation and defense departments, roughly to the bottom of the truth. It is understood that the sergeant Gao Jiajun on their own practice launch procedures, the wrong choice of "double play" mode; the ship senior cadres are not enough understanding of system principle, mistakenly four launch container FireWire are connected, a series of mistakes lead to major accidents. As for the depth of the incident, it is the design system, the operator may lack a reminder of the error mechanism. Jin Jiang ship, there were four pieces of male three missiles, the console is located in the war room. Between the control console and the launch box, must be connected to the "FireWire" command to pass. Each launch box there is a fire, a long weapon by Captain custody, agreed to receive, installation. If it is not the actual combat training, FireWire launch box, connected to the same time a simulator, this system has completed the pathway, the shooter could enter the target information, in fact, is not a missile simulator link. After the button emulator returns have been fired, of course, there is no injection. Due to the installation of the fire and the simulator should be installed every training, is not convenient and safe. As a result, a new generation of console to increase the "offline mode", you can not connect to the bomb box, let the shooter practice goal setting and other actions. But the ship’s annual "armor" must simulate the integrity of the launch process, still need to use the original "FireWire plus emulator" mode. Because power system according to the target position, automatic selection to the port or starboard launch, two out of a ship in the simulator, a left out, in order to test the presiding officer on the specified target. July 1st the same day, Jin Jiang ship will be four FireWire are connected, in addition to the simulator with the number one or two shells, No. three or four to become a real shot". In accordance with the provisions of the missile fire, there must be a senior cadre in the war room monitoring, no unauthorized operation of operator. But when cadres are busy preparing for the examiner will come, Gao Jiajun alone in the war room. Qiuhaoxinqie he self review launch procedures, but mistakenly transmit mode rather than a single bomb bomb in double. Jin Jiang was heading East ship berthing, Gao Jiajun set a hypothetical target is located in the west north, the system can automatically select the port two missiles, including one with a simulator, the other one has successfully launched a big mistake.相关的主题文章: