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India water man: the third world war will be caused by water U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants in 2003 during the drought, India in the western state of Gujarat, surrounded by a well. Photograph: Reuters Amit Dave National Aeronautics and Space Administration data show that 37 of the world’s largest water storage layer, there are 21 serious water shortages. With the increase of population, the increase of water use in agriculture and industry will only continue to deteriorate. Rajendra Singh, known as the "India water man", believes that community efforts can help restore the already scarce water aquifers. In the past 32 years, he took his NGO India Youth Organization (Tarun Bharat Sangh) in Rajasthan alvo (Alwar District of Rajasthan) area of water collection and management work in the community as the basic unit and arid semi desert areas of Northwest India. These efforts to win the Stockholm Water Prize Magsaysay in 2015 and 2001 for him. The following is our interview with him (edited): your country from the top down, put forward a lot of criticism of the water resource management model in infrastructure construction. Whether it is necessary for all countries in the implementation of this community led you support for management of water? Is it necessary for the government and the company to support it? The government generally does not support community proposals, they prefer to support contractors. The government is always interested in projects that may sound ambitious, such as combating desertification or revitalizing landscapes: dams, canals, centralized water irrigation systems, drinking water pipelines. They built the new canal when the old canal dried up. Lack of community participation in these projects, all of these projects to the contractor. It is now a contractor led democracy, not a people led democracy. Last year, you launched the "world for water and peace" (World Water Peace Walks) activities. What role do you think water plays in promoting world peace? If we don’t do something about the current water crisis, then the third world war will come soon. Walking is a way to get people’s attention. This year we have traveled to 17 countries, of which 9 have large numbers of displaced people. A lot of people in the Middle East and Africa moved to Europe because of the lack of water, which brings conflict, tension and terrorism. Where terrorism is prevalent is often a place where water is scarce. For example, Syria, a long time ago, they have a very good agricultural foundation, but then the dam built in Turkey to destroy everything. The experience of Libya is similar to this. If we want a secure future, we must start saving water. What is the role of regulation in the protection of water resources? Do you think it would be a good way to increase the efficiency of water use? If we really want to change the law, first of all, 8相关的主题文章: