Infinite it must be a strong desire of the chicken darren hayes

"Perpetual motion": it is definitely a strong desire of chicken stills (voiceover): every Lara girl are eating chicken feet, the most elegant way of eating is to suck, clean all flesh, but also put back, see or chicken. Although it is cooked meat, you can feel its energy. When the chicken is alive, it must be a chicken with a strong desire. Look at its fingers, you can feel it all want to hook. Ning Ying "perpetual motion", 2005 control lines 379th, the lines from the "perpetual motion". Niu Niu (Hong Huangshi) found her husband derailed, then invited three friends (suspects) to the home party, in order to find out who is the third. Model Qin Qin (Li Qinqin ornaments), real estate night wife (Ping Yanni decoration), artist Lala (decorated) have arrived, they are no longer young, has been a menopause. At lunch, four people eating chicken feet, silent, the narrator sounded so lara. This paragraph contains a large, dense chicken close-up, give the audience a strong physiological stimuli, like watching a horror movie. At the time of the meal, Lala confirmed that the desire of the chicken was strong. The absent man, unsatisfied desire, everything is desolate and twisted. From the "perpetual motion" is a movie about a woman Ningying gathered friends shooting, has been widely discussed in the film. This film is of poor quality, but it is very special. The film actress is extremely prominent juniors of high-ranking officials. In addition, Hong Huang’s mother, a former Mao Zedong English teacher Zhang also has a cameo. Stills相关的主题文章: