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Travel-and-Leisure The team here at Arctic Bound knows a thing or two about creating first-class Arctic holidays that simply can’t be f.otten. Examples of the wildlife that you could meet by embarking on one of our breaks or expeditions include polar bears, brown bears, whales, dolphins and porpoise, walrus, sea lions, seals and Arctic foxes, and these are in addition to myriad spectacular birdlife. We are here to transform your dreams into reality. You can see all of these species up close against some of the most epic backdrops that the world has to offer, and all the while, you can count on us to bring you a truly unique experience, unlike any other break that you have ever embarked upon. We are members of ABTA and AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) and also hold a government ATOL (Air Travel .anisers Licence) which should give you further reassurance as to our reputability. The Arctic Bound team wants to bring you the best possible standard of service and give you the undivided attention that you deserve. We have years of experience behind us in the planning of expeditions, and can be relied upon to make your trip the trip of a lifetime – one that is genuinely educational and, thoroughly enjoyable. Use the expedition search function on our website if you are interested in booking a trip with us and have specific activities in mind. We have various useful resources on offer online, including our Ultimate Guide to the Arctic and instructive and inspiring videos. You will see a selection of special offers on our website so bookmark it now to avoid missing out on future deals and important news. We have recently added various land-based adventures to our catalogue of trips. For instance, you could opt to stay at our Summer wilderness lodge in Canada, which is 500 miles into the high Arctic, or stay in Spitsbergen, a mysterious remote land where you will be able to immerse yourself fully in the Arctic wilderness and see some of the world’s most fascinating species and epic sights up close. Whether you are interested in embarking upon a summer or winter adventure, we can help. We listen closely to what our clients have to say, so that we can tailor experiences for them that fulfil their needs inch-perfectly. Just talk to us today to find out more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: