Inventory 13 Harry Potter cold knowledge read to you for the Luo Lingui wh60a

Inventory of 13 Harry Potter cold knowledge: after you give Luo Lingui 1 The phrase "Vol de mort", in French, can be loosely translated as "flight of death", in reference to Voldemort s quest for immortality. "the phrase" Vol de mort "(" Voldemort "English as" Voldemort ") in French can roughly translated as" death battle ", alluding to the pursuit of immortality for voldemort. 2 Professor McGonagall was named after Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom. (Minerva McGonagall) Professor McGonagall called Minerva, Rome is the goddess of wisdom. 3 And Sybill – Professor Trelawney name – is derived ‘s first from the Greek name Sibylla meaning, "prophetess" and "Sybil (Sybill) — Professor Trelawney’s name is derived from the Greek Sibylla, meaning" the prophetess". 4 In Greek mythology Narcissus (like Narcissa Malfoy) was a man known for his beauty, who died after spending too much time looking at his own reflection. in Greek mythology, Narcissus (like Malfoy’s mother’s name Narcissa Malfoy) is a handsome man, but he spends too much time for self pity, eventually depression die. 5 Filch is an old English word meaning to steal something, usually of small value. "Felch Porter’s name" Filch "is the Old English word, meaning" often refers to the theft, stealing worthless things". 6 And Remus’ surname, Lupin, comes the Latin "Lupinus", meaning "of a wolf" while Rimes’s last name "Lu Ping (Lupin)" from LA)相关的主题文章: