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"Iron fist" released tomorrow Gyllenhaal led eight aspect – Sohu entertainment movie "iron fist" Jack Gyllenhaal – the ultimate poster of Rachel and Jack Gyllenhaal fighting arena hug [HD Photo] Click to enter the entertainment Sohu by Jack – Gyllenhaal, Rachel – Mcadams action film starring inspirational movies "Tekken" will be released tomorrow September 2nd burst. The film tells the story of Jack Gyllenhaal’s life from the bottom burst boxer fought back to win back the family and life story, but the film to attract the audience in addition to inspirational and blood outside there are a lot of other elements, but also those destined for the film is known as one of the September of this year’s schedule must see movie. Sincere to the meat of fighting scenes in the film have a lot of fun fierce boxing plot, many fierce fights are personal and starring. Before the viewers are lamenting in violent fighting scenes, especially as Jack – Gyllenhaal is a professional boxer, including Mexico lightweight champion Victor Ortiz, even champion Tyson also had to set crew, for Jack Gyllenhaal for guidance. The director said: "the audience see the fight scenes, I can assure you is true, we did not find any substitute, Jack is on their own. We will be in front of the film will be the first to let Jack and opponents rehearse, rehearse at least three rounds, but there are many times, Jack also injured. When editing, I also can not help but be attracted to the boxing scene, also for Jack feel heartache, really is too intense!" The most thrilling stimulation process to real boxing should still fight scenes, under normal circumstances, in the shooting action, must be divided into many segments to shoot, the director needs to try all angles. For the film, the boxing match has been going on, just like a live game. The director invited all of HBO’s friends to help. They installed all the cameras in the form of a real boxing match, while the director also selected several angles to install the camera. So in the film, the audience saw some of the photographers in the real shooting, they were shooting the real scene, so the game will not be suspended. And make the audience a feeling of exposure to them, seemed to feel the arena fighters breathing; feel during the struggle, the tension over the face of the punch. Can Jack Gyllenhaal can fat thin "iron fist" in the film the audience China desperately since the "acquired" first met Jack Gyllenhaal from the Hollywood to the niche, after the release of the movie "source code" etc.. The selection of films discerning him with numerous famous personalities in a series of film directors, each department is mouth overflowing quality works, but over the years, he has received various awards nominations are passed, than similar role Leonardo – Dicaprio, he each role is different, this let the fans for him the way of running with Oscar winning career in the brood on, "iron fist", as a rebirth in the face of adversity blood boxer, because Jack played before the movie -.相关的主题文章: